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“Be a Frodo Baggins!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 25, 2007

I Write What I Like

Lord of a thousand worlds am I, and I reign since TIME began;

and night and day in cyclic sway shall pass till their deeds I scan.

Yet TIME shall cease ere I find release:

For I Am the Soul of Man.”

                   ~ a Theosophis mantra

I was riding around tonight. A HUGE Full Moon shone above as I listened to my car CD of “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King“.

Tonight was one of those Nights that was calm, clear, and full of Mystery. And as I soaked in the ambiance of the Night, together with Howard Shores’s marvelous Musical Score ~ I couldn’t help not thinking of little Frodo Baggins struggling along the ridges of Mt. Doom to fulfill his one and only Task:

to unmake the “One Ring“.

And then I thought, “This same Moon that I see tonight …. had to have been the SAME MOON that shone on Frodo and Sam as they continued their  painful and exhausting assault on Mordor’s Mt. Doom!”

Same Moon!!

So with a certain Reverence, I looked up at the Huge Moon above my head in Wonder and Awe ~ for it had seen it all.

Saw the Legions of Caesar conquer the World.

Saw the Legions of Alexander the Great and Hannibal.

The SAME Moon I’m observing tonight …. Jesus, Muhammad, Abraham, Confucius, and Jacob saw too!!

“Yes” and little Frodo Baggins as well.

This SAME MOON binded me to the Past!!

Which brought me back once again to what Gandalf told Merry:

It’s not a matter of how much TIME we have here on Middle Earth; but what we DO with the TIME we’re given that counts!”

Frodo, who BTW was Middle Age when he embarked upon his incredible Journey, was consumed with ONE TASK:

                  To unmake the ‘One Ring’.

And as he struggled and fought to complete his task along the slopes of Mt. Doom, he cared no longer whether he would survive the experience.

Oh, yes, the memories of ‘Back in the Shire’ and the ‘good times’ he and Bilbo shared dogged each and every painful step along the way ~ still Frodo HAD TO get the ‘Rider HOME’ so to speak.

You and I aren’t so terribly different from Frodo, in that WE ALL just can’t stand still and allow Events to overtake us without our shouldering the burden of THIS Generation’s “One Ring“.

And just as in Frodo’s World, our World too is full of Long Shadows & Doom. And while it would appear more convenient to just set back and allow “others” to work OUR PROBLEMS out ….. still we MUST assume the mentality of little Frodo and be “Ring Bearers” for our Nation.

For unless each-and-every one us realize that our own Shires will one day no longer exist unless we decide to take up this Burden …. then our own Middle Earth will not be fit to live in.

“I’m tired of ferrying my little boat inside the harbor bar;

  I want to go out where the Big Ships float, out on the Deep where the Great Ones are.

  And should my frail craft fail to keep against the winds and waves that bellow forth ….

   then I’d rather go down in the magnificent ‘Fight For Life’,  than merely exist by the sheltered shore.”

*My ‘High Place’ high atop the Oakland Hills


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