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“Even In Tragedy”

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 25, 2007

“Sirius did not hate Kreacher.” said Dumbledore. “He regarded him as a servant unworthy of much interest or notice. Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike ….. The fountain we destroyed tonight told a lie. We wizards have mistreated and abused our fellows for too long, and we are now reaping our reward.”

                    ~ “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

We’ve all be mesmerized and held in awe by the sights of the devastating FIRES in Southern California. The massive loss of property and natural beauty, as well as lives (both human and animal), have captivated the nation.

I can relate to the terrible loss due to fire, as I lost a home in the terrible ‘East Bay Fire’ experienced in Oakland back in 1989. So I fully Understand such things.

I must tell you though …. that as I watch the Events take place in SoCal, I can’t help but see the discrepancy in the way the victims of the Fire are treated and RESPONDED TO as compared to that of the victims of Katrina.

In SoCal the victims are mostly white, affluent, well Educated, and considered as Human Beings; while during Katrina the victims were mostly black, poor, uneducated and NOT viewed as REAL HUMAN BEINGS: but sub-human.

And it is due to the latter (the HUMAN Element) where lies the Root of Racism in America.

Where lies, too, America’s perception and Value (or lack thereof) of the LIVES of Iraqis, Iranians, Vietnamese, Panamanians, Haitians, Japanese, Chinese, Native Americans (so-called ‘Indians’) etc.

Where lies, too, America’s disdain for such International Organizations as the United Nations or World Court. Why:

Because the World is basically nonwhite!!

As I watch the SoCal Fires ~ I don’t see any whites standing atop their homes waiting for a helicopter to arrive. And neither do I see whites in NEED of supplies and basic NECESSITIES at a frickin‘ STADIUM as I did during Katrina.

Somehow ~ MIRACULOUSLY I assume ~ MOST of the poor souls in SoCal had Escape Routes, Evacuation Plans, Insurance Tents ALREADY set up, and a government (Federal & State) READY & ABLE to RESPOND IMMEDIATELY …. while during Katrina … well.

Which AGAIN sends the Message to ‘Black America’:

“Yes, you may be Americans …. but ‘you people’ ~ and we use the term PEOPLE loosely ~ STILL don’t count as much as Real White Americans!”

I guess the above quote where Professor Dumbledore explains to Harry why specifically Sirius Black (Harry’s godfather) treated his ‘House Elf’ Kreacher so shamelessly ~ as well the ‘wizardling world’ in general ~ I find so appropriate because THIS is the crux of Racism in America.

What is cancerous is not Nooses or Individual acts of hatred.

Racism is not some crippling diesease visited upon millions of Americans (not born white) who are DAILY discouraged from living in certain neighborhoods or attending certain schools.

It’s not even the DAILY bashing of Black Athletes or Celebs:

Hell! Racism in America is NOT even some malady rooted and fueled by ‘dislikes’ or hatreds:

 but it is a sickness borne out of gross INDIFFERENCE and NEGLECT! Which, as Dumbledore so accurately notes:

 “We wizards have mistreated and abused our fellows for too long, and we are now reaping our reward.”

 Just an Observation.

Even in tragedy.

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