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“I Write What I Like”

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 25, 2007

I Write What I Like

I am so struck by the parallels between the Mentality of Germany circa mid 1930s …. with that of America TODAY. And it sends chills down my spine whenever I see the Congress TODAY refuse to apply the brakes to this mean spirited, reckless, and murderous Administration of George Bush!! (better known as Wormtongue)

The List is too long citing the Constitutional and Legal Reasons as to why Bush & Cheney SHOULD be Impeached, yet the American People and the Congress of the United States continue to humor these folks and blindly turn their Collective Heads while Bush & Company inch us ever closer to WAR with Iran.

What’s wrong with America TODAY!!

What has so weakened and frightened us ~ The People ~ that we ‘willingly’ and sheepishly sit back and allow an Administration to ratchet up the War Drums ~ YET AGAIN ~ against a sovereign nation that hasn’t done squat against us!!

You have all heard that the costs of keeping the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq alive over the next 10 years will run into the trillions.


Yet “We The People” allow THIS ADMINISTRATION and its Lap Dog Republican Party to halt Health Care to CHILDREN and other badly needed Programs in the hope of draining the Treasury so that future expenditures towards Social Programs just won’t be there.

Just how callous is THAT!

I have NEVER in my LIFE seen so many struggling people ~ even to the point of LOSING their HOMES ~ cling to the idiotic mirage and Self Centered dream that somehow Big Greedy Business & Big Greedy Political Parties have their Best Interests at heart.


These sad, misguided ‘Sad Sacks’ and Beer Guzzlers  are nothin‘ but pawns!

Yet these same mislead and misguided PEOPLE that froth at the mouth about so-called Illegal Immigrants, or rile against Affirmative Action for Blacks, or fret about so called Terrorism in Iraq and Iran …. are totally tone deaf when it comes to telecom companies WILLINGLY turning over their PHONE RECORDS to the Government; or see these Cowboy Missionary Groups, like “Blackwater”, kill people with impunity in Iraq; or couldn’t tell YOU nor I precisely WHERE in Iraq all the previous BILLIONS have gone and to WHOM!!

Just like Germany circa “The Third Reich”!

Hitler called the TUNE …. and the People Danced!!

And what’s most troubling NOW is the fact Congress under Democratic Leadership (?)  has faired no better halting this MADNESS than the ‘do nothing’ Republican Congress achieved. And I don’t ever want to hear Dems say,”Well. The Bush Administration is nearly at an end. So rather than antagonize the Electorate with ‘Impeachment talk’ …. we’ll just bide our TIME and wait till 08.”


THIS kind of nonsense, mind you, coming from a Party whose Presidential Candidates stated that they could not Promise we’d be out of Iraq during their First Administration!!

More LIVES lost and ruined; more of the Treasure wasted; more American Prestige irretrievably lost; and MORE worshipping of Death and Destruction.

Just like Germany during the Rise of Hitler!!

You can’t tell me ….. that in this country there isn’t the SAME amount of HATE and VITRIOL against Muslims as there existed in Hitler’s Germany towards Jews, now can you!

You can’t tell me …. that in this country there isn’t the SAME amount and degree of National  Hate & War Mongering as there existed in Hitler’s Germany, now can you!

You can’t tell me … that in this country there isn’t the SAME degree of phony Patriotism and government Censorship against those that merely ‘Speak Their Mind’, as there existed in Hitler’s Germany.

Look what happened to Congressman Pete Stark of California when he merely remarked that soldiers were dying for Bush’s amusement!!

Stark was FORCED to Apologize!!

Mordor, baby, is where we are NOW! And like I’ve said before:

“I can’t see any Ring Bearer coming over the near horizon!”


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