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“MORE Research?”

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 26, 2007

Felicity Daily Herald

Worm Study Points to Sexuality’s Origins

Thu Oct 25

THURSDAY, Oct. 25 (HealthDay News) — Sexual attraction is hard-wired into the brains of small worms called nematodes, say scientists who genetically manipulated some of the creatures to make them attracted to the same sex.

The finding might give some insight into sexual attraction generally, the researchers said.

“Our conclusions are narrow in that they are about worms and how attraction behaviors are derived from the same brain circuit. But an evolutionary biologist will consider this to be a potentially common mechanism for sexual attraction,” biology professor Erik Jorgensen, scientific director of the Brain Institute at the University of Utah, said in a prepared statement.

“The conclusion is that sexual attraction is wired into brain circuits common to both sexes of worms and is not caused solely by extra nerve cells added to the male or female brain,” he said. “The reason males and females behave differently is that the same nerve cells have been rewired to alter sexual preference.”

Nematodes, which live in the soil and eat bacteria, have the same genes as many other animals and are often used as models for human research.

It’s difficult to say what these findings in nematodes mean in terms of human sexual orientation, but “it raises the possibility that sexual preference is wired in the brain,” Jorgensen said. “Humans are subject to evolutionary forces just like worms. It seems possible that if sexual orientation is genetically wired in worms, it would be in people, too. Humans have free will, so the picture is more complicated in people.”

The study was published online Thursday in the journal Current Biology and was expected to be published in the Nov. 6 print issue.


And Researchers get PAID to come up with this stuff!

AMAZING: worms are ‘turned on sexually’ by some circuit in their brain!

                                      : )

Well. Let’s explore some alternatives, shall we Researchers:

* Maybe worms get ‘turned on SEXUALLY’ when they just can’t resist another worm’s curves crawling beside it?

*  Maybe ‘worm slime’ is a ‘turn on’ that drives another worm crazy!

*   Maybe …. a worm’s body temperature does the trick, ya think?

            I could come up with 30 more explanations …..

But never ~ NEVER ~ in my wildest wonderings did I ever assume that a  worm’s brain circuitry ever came into play.

                                      You?   : )

And we don’t even get PAID in assuming such!   : )

Hell! I’m still trying to figure out Human Female motivations <g>; now after reading the Current RESEARCH in the Field … maybe I can assume there’s really something THERE inside a Woman’s Head ~ a CIRCUIT ~ that serves as the actual ‘Decision Maker’!   : )

And to think: all these YEARS I thought women got their wild ideas from “Vogue” or “Cosmo” magazines!

                                      : )

I guess from now on whenever I’m in a Club, my first ‘Pick Up Line to a woman will be:

“How’s your Circuits tonight, Babe?”

                                : )


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