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“For Whom The Bell Tolls”

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 18, 2007

“The Mitchell Report”

The Felicity Daily Herald


Clemens, Bonds, Tejada named in report

By RONALD BLUM and BEN WALKER, AP Baseball Writers 16 minutes ago

Page after page, Roger Clemens’ name was all over the Mitchell Report.

Count them, 82 times.

Barry Bonds showed up more often. So did Jose Canseco. Andy Pettitte, Eric Gagne and Miguel Tejada also became part of baseball’s most infamous lineup since the 1919 Black Sox scandal.

But they didn’t get the worst of it Thursday. That infamy belonged to Clemens, the greatest pitcher of his era.

The Steroids Era.

“Those who have illegally used these substances range from players whose major league careers were brief to potential members of the Baseball Hall of Fame,” former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell wrote in his much-anticipated report on performance-enhancing drugs.

“They include both pitchers and position players, and their backgrounds are as diverse as those of all major league players.”

Seven MVPs, two Cy Young Award winners and 31 All-Stars — one for every position. In all, the 409-page report identified 85 names to differing degrees, putting question marks if not asterisks in the record book and threatening the integrity of the game itself.

“If there are problems, I wanted them revealed,” commissioner Bud Selig said. “His report is a call to action, and I will act.”

On Friday, Mitchell insisted he provided opportunities for the playersidentified in his report to respond to the allegations.

Almost without exception, he said on CNN’s “American Morning,” they declined. So Mitchell turned to union head Donald Fehr.

“I wrote a letter to Don Fehr‘s office setting forth the names and the dates and I wanted to tell them, here is what happened, come in and explain it to me,” Mitchell said. “They refused to do so.”

Gary Sheffield, Jason Giambi, Troy Glaus, Gary Matthews Jr., Paul Byrd, Jose Guillen, Brian Roberts, Paul Lo Duca and Rick Ankiel were among other current players cited. Some were linked to human growth hormone, others to steroids. Mitchell did not delve into stimulants in his 20-month investigation.

While he vehemently denied it through his lawyer, Clemens was the symbol.

Considered a lock for the Hall of Fame earlier this week, Clemens’ path to Cooperstown was thrown in doubt after he was singled out on nearly nine pages.

Seven-time Cy Young Award winner, eighth on the career list with 354 victories, an MVP and All-Star himself, Clemens suddenly had more to worry about than simply whether to play next season.

“It is very unfair to include Roger’s name in this report,” said Clemens’ lawyer, Rusty Hardin. “He is left with no meaningful way to combat what he strongly contends are totally false allegations. He has not been charged with anything, he will not be charged with anything and yet he is being tried in the court of public opinion with no recourse. That is totally wrong.”

Much of the information about Clemens came from former New York Yankeesmajor league strength and conditioning coach Brian McNamee.

According to the report, McNamee also told investigators that “during the middle of the 2000 season, Clemens made it clear that he was ready to use steroids again. During the latter part of the regular season, McNamee injected Clemens in the buttocks four to six times with testosterone from a bottle labeled either Sustanon 250 or DecaDurabolin.”

The report was unlikely to trigger a wave of discipline. While a few players, such as Bonds, are subjects of ongoing legal proceedings, many of the instances cited by Mitchell were before drug testing began in 2003.


YESTERDAY, the Media was wall-to-wall in its Coverage of the release of the “Mitchell Report“. And as expected, the Media did a ‘Barry Bonds Job’ on the 80 or so ballplayers whose Names appeared in the Report. In other words ~ the Media found those Names in the Report to be ‘GUILTY, as MENTIONED. And I say ‘mentioned’ because these 80 Names were secured by Mitchell from frickin‘ Trainers (2) and/or the DISCUSSIONS held with one ~ 1 ~ athlete: Jason Giambi!!

And mind you, Mitchell failed to disclose ANY current or active members of the Boston Red Sox because ….. Mitchell sits on the Board of Directors of the Red Sox!!

What ever happened to the Principle of “Due Process“?

See. As I stated way back during the ‘OJ Simpson Trial’ (the REAL TRIAL): “The country will rue the day …. when it ACCEPTS the shoddy and lazy work product of the MEDIA; just as America will regret the allowance of bigotry and prejudice to serve as its Judge & Jury!”

And why do I say that? Well, since Simpson we’ve seen how the MEDIA has FUELED the paranoia and reckless behavior of a President (Bush) to sway America into a devastating WAR in Iraq, haven’t we. America has allowed a lazy and sloppy MEDIA to PROJECT onto ordinary Citizens their ~ the Media ~xenophobic concepts of what Immigration is supposed to be like. Hell, the Media even TODAY is pimping that NUT, Huckabee, into a LEADING position of the Republican Party. But it goes farther than this. Americans have allowed the Media to strip away our Constitutional Rights; our sense of what’s Right & Wrong (like TORTURE); as well as declare ‘Null & Void” this nation’s most cherished Principle of Due Process“.

TODAY we don’t allow a Jury to Determine culpability …. but ‘Head Cases’ like Bill O’Reilly, Nancy Grace, Rush Limbaugh or Shaun Hannity! Now with the ‘Mitchell Report’, the boys at ESPN (and other TALKING HEADS on ‘Sports Talk Radio’) with impunity trample and ruin men’s LIVES and REPUTATIONS based simply on ‘hearsay‘ and flimsy information proffered by kats (trainers) who ‘rat out’ people simply to save their own skin!

Keep in mind, that this entire STEROID mess was originally spawned off a ‘MONEY LAUNDERING‘ charge against BALCO!!

MONEY that the GOVERNMENT was ‘pissed off’ about because quite frankly:

               they didn’t get their ‘cut’ of!!

Listen to the Media, and see if they don’t report these ALLEGATIONS found in the Mitchell Report …. as the Gospel!

Oh, it was easy to LYNCH a Barry Bonds because he was Black and didn’t kiss Sport Writers’ ass; but NOW one can see that just as easily can a Media WITCH HUNT turn ANY PERSON’s LIFE upside down. Even White Folk!!

                         Ask Roger Clemens!!

This is why the OJ Simpson Trial and the way it was covered so upset me; because I KNEW what would trail in the wake of that Media Carnage. And while at the TIME I could not have foreseen a ‘911’ or a George Bush …. STILL the seeds of a weakening of our Constitutional Rights were at High Risk!

This isn’t a ‘Black & White’ thing, but a Freedom Issue! And thatis why ALL AMERICANS must place themselves in the shoes of  “the LEAST of these” whenever we see an Injustice to ANYBODY or any Citizen. For ultimately the Bell tolls for thee!

And while Major League Baseball Players are far from the ‘Least of These’, still they have been DENIED “Due Process” and now face a life of Censor, Shame, and even loss of Reputation!! And I submit that it all goes back to the ‘Bad Days’ of the OJ Simpson Trial. The REAL Trial.

For once a Right is lost or weakened …. it is damn near impossible to place the genie back into the bottle.

I don’t KNOW OJ Simpson, no more then I KNOW a Roger Clemens. Hell, Baseball lost me when they ‘Blew Off’ the World Series back in 1994! But whenever I see INJUSTICE to ANYBODY ~ even multi-million dollar Professional Baseball Players ~ I recoil because I KNOW it will ultimately effect ME as an American Citizen.

“For whom does the Bell Toll?

                      “It Tolls for Thee.”


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