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“Jonestown Revisited”

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 18, 2007

“Jonestown Revisited”

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* My photo of the Mass Gravesite of over 400 Human Beings that perished in Guyana and “Jonestown”

I had read the other day where next year a Monument would be erected at the Mass Grave Site (above photo) in Memory of those from the Bay Area who had lost their LIVES in Guyana at “Jones Town“. More then 400 Souls from the San Francisco Bay Area were MASS MURDERED that day, and each year since their families and friends come to THIS SPOT to Observe and Remember.

Today, Oakland’s Evergreen Cemetery is the Eternal Resting Place for a MASS GRAVE where 400 now RIP. I first visited the Mass Grave back in 1980, I believe it was. And I can recall vividly how I had just accidentally stumbled on it! See …. I LOVE visiting Cemeteries <g>, and Evergreen is an awfully pretty one besides, it was close to home.

Let me tell you what happened to me TODAY as I took my little ‘Digital Eye’ to photograph the Mass Grave, okay!  : )

Cemeteries are awfully hard to recall where a particular grave site is located, particularly if you hadn’t visited a particular spot in quite a long time. TODAY as I drove to a location where I THOUGHT I had remembered the Jonestown Mass Grave Site to be ~ remember I had not visited the Mass Grave in well over 10 years ~ I got out the car and walked to a general location and found nothing in the way of a ‘Mass Grave’ that I was searching for or had remembered.

After getting discouraged I walk back to my car where I spot a woman placing flowers on a nearby grave. I stopped and asked her:

“Would you know where the Jonestown Mass Grave is located?”

Well. After listening to about 10 different stories about her dead brother, sister, children and such <g>, she FINALLY (Bless her heart <g>) tells me to go back out the gate I came in and re-enter the cemetery at another gate located on the opposite side. I thank her and go my way.

I re-enter a Gate where I was told <g> and decide to walk into the Cemetery Office for a Map and more definitive Directions. And what a gloomy place that Office was, Folks.  : )

 I’d rather had been in a grave myself than that frickin’ Dooms Day Cemetery Office!   : )

So …. I get the map and follow damn near the route I had first THOUGHT the ‘Jonestown’ graves were located! I get out the car and walk …. and walk …. and walk until I stop a kat mowing the lawn and ask him:

“Could you please tell me where the Jonestown Mass Grave is located?”

In broken English (he was one of those Mexican Illegal Immigrants you folks are so upset about <g>), he points to the general direction I should go. And damn wasn’t the Mass Grave Site located just 20 feet on a ridge above where I first looked!   : )

And its a very haunting spot, folks! HUNDREDS of Lost Souls seem to be STILL moaning and being tormented after what happened to them THAT DAY 29 YEARS ago!!

That tombstone you see above is carved with the innocent BLOOD, HOPES, FEARS, and DREAMS of HUNDREDS of Human Beings that followed a Mad Man ~ Jim Jones ~ to their deaths.


May God have Mercy on their Souls.


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