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“The Hobbit”

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 18, 2007

“The Hobbit”

Peter Jackson to produce `The Hobbit’

By JAKE COYLE, AP Entertainment Writer 

NEW YORK – Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema have reached agreement to make J.R.R. Tolkien’sThe Hobbit,” a planned prequel to the blockbuster trilogy “The Lord of the Rings.”

Jackson, who directed the “Rings” trilogy, will serve as executive producer for “The Hobbit.” A director for the prequel films has yet to be named.

Relations between Jackson and New Line had soured after “Rings,” despite a collective worldwide box office gross of nearly $3 billion — an enormous success. The two sides nevertheless were able to reconcile, with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM) splitting “The Hobbit” 50/50, spokemen for both studios said Tuesday.

“I’m very pleased that we’ve been able to put our differences behind us, so that we may begin a new chapter with our old friends at New Line,” Jackson said in a statement. “We are delighted to continue our journey through Middle Earth.”

Two “Hobbit” films are scheduled to be shot simultaneously, similar to how the three “Lord of the Rings” films were made. Production is set to begin in 2009 with a released planned for 2010, with the sequel scheduled for a 2011 release.

New Line Cinema is owned by Time Warner. Sony and Comcast are among the owners of MGM.


For all the Legions of Fans of “Middle Earth“, this Statement from Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema is wonderful news! However, after seeing how New Line Cinema butchered “The Golden Compass” …. my excitement is tempered and I’ll await the Release of the two “The Hobbit” movies with temperance.

Too, Peter Jackson is only PRODUCING “The Hobbit” and NOT Directing it. This can be somewhat problematic in that the entire Tone, Character, and ‘Feel’ can dramatically CHANGE under different Directors. Look at “Harry Potter”: didn’t the ‘FEEL’ change under various Directors?

If “The Hobbit” mirrors the beauty of New Zealand (where “The Lord of the Rings” was filmed); if Jackson has not forgotten what made his ‘Rings’ so powerful and compelling: Cinematography Brilliance, Powerful Musical Score, attention to Character etc; and if New Line Cinema gets out of the way and allow Peter Jackson to ‘do his thing’ …. then I think, and HOPE, “The Hobbit” will be a HUGE success!

Good Luck, Peter!!


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