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“VOTE Hope, Not Fears”

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 18, 2007

I can’t begin to say who will WIN in Iowa, New Hampshire, or South Carolina EARLY next year; but I can say that whoever does win those early Primary Elections …. will WIN the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States thanks to “Big Mo”.

Here’s my 2 cents worth:

During my lifetime there have been but 2 Presidents that I truly Admired and would have loved to shake hands with: John Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson.

Kennedy because he was a superbly Eloquent Statesman, and LBJ because he COULD HAVE used the war (Vietnam) as an EXCUSE to delay Signing Civil Rights Legislation …. but he didn’t. And while both men were consummate POLITICIANS, neither were unwilling to risk their Presidency on doing what was Right & Moral.

Hell. Even Honest Abe said: If I could SAVE the Union without freeing 1 Slave … I would do it.”

I’m not naive enough to believe that Americans are sophisticated enough to overcome their prejudices and bigotry to Elect a Black Man for President. After all, I can recall how many, many whites SAID they could VOTE for a Black Man prior to the Wisconsin Primary where Jesse Jackson was Leading …. only to VOTE differently in the privacy of the Voting Booth! So I’ve seen how whites can say one thing to Pollsters, yet VOTE completely differently on Election Day.


But I’ll tell ya what: the stakes facing Americans during THIS ELECTION could never be greater or more pressing. And despite our Prejudices, Racist Inclinations, Fears of the Unknown, or any other phobias …. I just can’t believe that a Hillary or Edwards or Huckabee (brother <g>) or a Rude Rudy or Fred “I’m Bored” Thompson or a wishy-washy Mitt Romney can refocus the nation’s Priorities sufficient to meet the problems of the Twenty-first Century as well as:

Barack Obama!

Save Obama, all the other potential Candidates are of the Past; a Past where America could throw her weight around and DEMAND the World to do her bidding. A World where American Leadership and Might was unquestioned and had to play by American Rules.

That’s a World of the Past!

Today, and as we’ve seen, just 19 men CAN damn near bring our country to its knees. And not only that: as we’ve also seen ….. our Constitutional Rights & Liberties can be quickly diminished in a heart beat! So TODAY the old so-called Standards in determining the qualifications for President SHOULD BE BASED on whom BEST has a grasp of the World as it NOW is constituted, and whom BEST can break away from the OLD way of doing business.

Is Obama the perfect Candidate: Of course not ~ he’s a man subject to flaws as all Men are. But he’s the one Man that I Believe has the Background, Wisdom, Statesmanship, and Courage to meet the Challenges & Demands of the New Century. And don’t forget folks: we live in a nonwhite WORLD that will be more than ‘Open’ to a President of the United States that possibly has some RELATEDNESS and deeper Understanding (sympatico) with the rest of the World!

Bill Clinton was President in a different World. And I don’t feel like WASTING the next 4 YEARS resurrecting the ‘Clinton Presidency’ …. or reliving the Nightmare YEARS of George Bush!!

We’re in a “New Age“, Folks!


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