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“The Face of War”

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 20, 2007

Youssif is able to smile again. He will still undergo more surgeries to correct his lower lip and tweak other scars. 

I Write What I Like

I saw the above photo of a terribly scared Iraqi boy and immediately was reminded how as a child myself …. I would play “WAR” with my childhood ‘Buds’. Oh, I recall vividly how we would divide ourselves up between Germans v Americans (I always wanted to be ‘Germans‘ <g>) and go to the woods to shoot and capture each other WITHOUT actually understanding what ‘Real War’ was all about.

As a child I never knew the side I liked (Germans) embraced Racist Policies and were responsible for the genocide and extermination of  millions of Jews. Just as the kids that chose the ‘American Side’ never understood that Americans established Concentration Camps IN AMERICA for Americans of Japanese Ancestry or had the audacity to drop an atomic bomb on millions.

Just as none of us kids KNEW or UNDERSTOOD that many Black Americans returning from the war were LYNCHED while still in Uniform!!

We were just KIDS!!

In due course, however,  we Learned what often fueled these WARS that we as kids found so delightful to play. Ideas such as Racial Superiority or Greed or National Hubris …. which eventually led us, as kids, to no longer desire to simply PLAY WAR but instead to Learn about the REAL WORLD and how it ‘thought’ and ‘acted’.

The horrors of war.

The horrors of war was what ‘cooled my heels’ to weening myself away from this perverse ‘Love Affair‘ I had as a child with Death, Destruction, and War Mongering. The ‘look’ in the eyes of Jews huddled in their bunks in German Concentration Camps; the ‘look’ in the eyes of War Refugees as they fled from their war torn homes seeking safety from war; the broken and mangled bodies of warriors and equipment spewed across a desert or forest; and of course the “Children of War” …. now parentless, themselves scared, and would grow to Adulthood with haunting Memories that would remain until the day they would meet their ‘Maker’.

Today, we ‘talk’ about WAR as if we were STILL children ‘Playing at War. We pontificate about going to WAR as if the horrors of war were mere ‘collateral damage’ that should be EXPECTED as little more than a ‘Convenient Discomfort’. Just as we now look upon TORTURE as something as a ‘Normal Inconvenience’ in our so-called ‘War Against Terror’. And we now do ~and THINK ~ these things because like Children …. we have forgotten that the ‘Horrors of War’ knows no boundaries or exceptions; but more importantly:

WAR breeds a contempt for LIFE and Morality!!

How can ANY Human Being ~ including Politicians ~ attend a Church on Sunday and then on Monday bear in his (her) heart a desire to ‘Take Out’ another nation under the guise of “We must be willing to defend the United States!” or “We must not allow Iran to build nuclear weapons!” KNOWING that once the bombs fall our nation will be at greater Risk, and the ‘Horrors of War’ will eventually ‘Come Home To Roost’ in one way or the other! Be it a further reduction in our Civil & Constitutional Liberties, or a further reduction in our sense of what’s Right & Moral.

Look how TODAY we parse what constitutes TORTURE!!

Look at the ‘Face of War’ (above photo) and remember it the next time you ‘feel’ the impulse to want to ‘Go To War’, okay.

Look at the ‘Face of War’ (above photo) and remember it the next time you hear a politician pontificate how WE MUST ‘take out’ so-and-so Dictator or Rogue Regime, okay!

Unless, that is, you desire the above photo to be the FACE of the Twenty-first Century.


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