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“If Not Obama: Who?”

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 21, 2007

“If not Obama: WHO?”

I Write What I Like

I’ve been zeroing in on the “Race ToThe White House“, especially since Obama has risen in the Polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire. 

What’s at stake is the Heart & Soul of our country as  we enter the Twenty-first Century, isn’t it. And followingthe dismal and often disgraceful performance of the Demsthis past year …. can the Party really afford to Marry itself to ‘what used to be’?? Especially since the Dems have made it perfectly clear that  there’s nearly a hair’s bit of difference between being a Democrat or Republican!         

Not really.

I’m a Barack Obama ‘Fan. And I say this not because of his skin color or the fact I Believe he’s the one person who could Elevate America to unheard of heights …. but because he’s a Statesman in the Tradition of John F. Kennedy.

Barack, unlike Clinton, relies on the Hopes & Aspirations of the American People ~our Higher Angels, while as we can see lately coming fromCamp Clinton” nothing but “Dirty Tricks” and pranks designed to appeal to our Lower Base Instincts of Fear and Anxieties ;  damnnear patterned along the lines of Bush and his Merry Band of Henchmen is all we get lately from the Lady. 

I think Barack Obama is the “Ring Bearer“! And on his shoulders will rest the Fate of all “Freedom LovingPeople” inhabiting this …. the ‘Fifth Age’ of Middle Earth.

Experience? We’ve had so-called EXPERIENCE in Washington these past long 8 YEARS and look what its gotten us! Hell, any further EXPERIENCE would have gotten us Armageddon!! 

Leadership? Well, to WIN a Seat inthe U.S. Senateand then Runfor President shortly thereafter tells me Obama is no shrinking violet and has the ego for the Job.

The only Wild Card separating Barack from the White House is the color of his skin …. and how Whites, in the privacy of the Voting Booth, will VOTE their Convictions rather than their Prejudices.

To be frank: Can America OVERCOME centuries of bigotry and VOTE their Conscious instead of their Fears. Polls have shown that Hillary amongDemocrats has an extremely HIGH ‘Negative Rating. Knowing this, are Democrats willing to Select aperson that will no doubt POLARIZEthe National Electorate and perhaps pave the way for a “NUT” like a Mike Huckabee or a Rude Rudy to sit their ass in the Oval Office??

Are our Prejudices worth seeing the continuation of the George W. Bush Agenda long after Grima Wormtongue has left Office?

Hell! We’ve seenJohn Edward’s shtick, haven‘t we. A multi-MILLION dollar Lawyer (that receives $200 haircuts), whois little more than a Poverty Pimp“! Yeah, I said it, because I’ve seen far too many of these ‘Snake OilSalesmen‘ exploit the suffering of the Poor simply to advance their own Selfish Agendas!

All of the BEST aspects of both Clinton and Edwards one can readily find in Barack Obama : and MORE.

Barack KNOWS the World, folks! He’s well schooled in the ‘Game of Life’. Give me a Man …. that has the Knowledge and Background to KNOW the difference between the TRUE religion of Islam from that pimped by bin Laden.  

Give me a Man …. who KNOWS the limits of Military Power, and will use same only as a ‘LAST RESORT’.

Give me a Man …. who sees the United States not as Red States or Blue States: but simply as America.

Give me a Man … who when travels across the Globe, will be applauded by HUGE throngs of Humanity because he will truly Represent the BEST & BRIGHTEST of the American Ideal.

Give me Barack Obama!!

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