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“The Tiger of Fate”

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 27, 2007
For now I’ve seen you, oh Builder; and no longer will you build my House. For I have snapped the rafters and split the ridgepoles …. and now my mind is free!”
Beginning with Christmas, two News Stories have been very upsetting to my Soul: on Christmas a Tiger escaped from the San Francisco Zoo ~ killing one person and injuring two others; and now today, the assassination of Bhutto.
The Tiger escape struck me quite hard because on Monday I had PLANNED on visiting the S.F. Zoo on Wednesday …. just a day after the tragic incident! It could have just as easily been ME that got attacked had the Tiger escaped just ONE DAY LATER, as I ALWAYS spend a LOT of TIME visiting and Observing the “Big Cats”! 
But what a Tragedy! To kill a Beautiful ( and rare) Siberian Tiger for just doing what Tigers do; as well as the Death and Injury to three people in such a manner ….. God Have Mercy on us all.
And then you have the tragedy in Pakistan. First of all, how Courageous was Bhutto to WILLINGLY step back into a country where KNOWINGLY she was at extreme Risk!
Damn near ‘Gandhi-like”!
Damn near Martin Luther King-like!
It has ALWAYS struck me as “Other Worldly” when an Individual chooses to leave the ‘Safe & Comfortable’ and instead goes into territory reeking with Danger & Risk. And how, and on what Strength, these preciously few Individual Souls draw upon their Inner Power to fulfill their Destiny is too remarkable for my mind to wrap around.  But “Thank God” Humanity has these few ‘Precious Lights‘ to inspire us all. Unlike this SHAMEFUL LOT of U.S. Politicians who TODAY are USING this tragedy as a prop to boost their political campaigns. Listen to them and see how very little in the way of condolence or heart felt grief over the loss of a Human Being you get from these people. I hear these slimy politicians tout nothing but  “I told you that we’re at war against Islamo Fascists!”
At TIMES like these, I can only recall a Buddhist saying (above) that as I get older becomes TRUER than anything my ears and heart have registered since birth. For from Childhood, we are presented with a ‘Builder‘ that Promises to build for us untold Wealth, Popularity, Companionship, Security, Friends, Love etc. if only we just Believe in him (the Builder) and his Plan. And so we set out in Life to do all those ‘things’ that the ‘Builder‘ has asked of us …. only to later find out that “The Builder” had lied to us. For regardless our wealth, it’s NEVER enough;
for despite our Best Efforts, we often find our friends abandoning us or we find ourselves ‘out of step’ with those we respect;
or illness lays low our best crafted Plans.
THIS IS WHY incidents like the Tiger Attack and the Assassination of Bhutto drive Home the point that …. For now I’ve seen you, oh Builder; and no longer will you build my House. For I have snapped the rafters and split the ridgepoles …. and now my mind is free!”

Tatiana, a Siberian tiger at the San Francisco Zoo.


                Or as the Psalmists Proclaim:

I will look to the Hills, from whence my Strength cometh from!”


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