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“Lessons Beyond The Grave”

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 28, 2007

Asif Ali Zardari, in black clothes and white cap on left, touches ...
Death is Beautiful: Dying isn’t.”
So many THOUGHTS passed through my mind this morning as I watched “The Lady Bhutto” being brought to her ‘Ancestral Home’ for the Last Time. The throngs of HUMANITY who followed the casket (oh, my), as if somehow they wished to follow her into Eternity ~ that, or else a Desire to ‘hang on’ to her for as long as they could was simply awesome in scope and power!
The Great Ones“, and their untimely Deaths, have this effect on those that are left behind. And then the question ALWAYS arises: “WHY did they risk it?” or “WHY did they go where even angels dare not tread?”
And I guess the ONLY answer we have is …. “Because these ‘Great Lights‘ fully Understood that there are things GREATER then Ourselves!”
And if we look back at those considered ‘GREAT’, we’ll note that many of these ‘Beautiful Ones’ championed “The Least of These“. Gandhi, King, Malcolm X, Robert F. Kennedy, Jesus ~ yes, Jesus ~ Che Guevara and others within recent Memory ‘ALL’ risked and GAVE THEIR LIVES Championing the Plight of the Poor and Disenfranchised.
Every last one.
And now TODAY, Bhutto has joined that Pantheon of mortal gods that had the Strength, Courage, and Conviction to ride their Fate to the bitter End.
When we see a tombstone we note the person’s date of birth and death. And has been stated: “But nobody will REMEMBER the date of a person’s birth or death ….. but what was done during the ‘DASH‘ between the dates on the tombstone is what counts!”
To ME, this is one of the ‘Great Lessons’ the Greater Lights leave behind for all of us survivors. That, and the Importance to Champion (and be mindful of) the Plight of the Poor and Disadvantaged. For what we do with that ‘DASH‘ that will one day be borne on our tombs …. is perhaps what LIFE is all about.
Lady Bhutto:
                             Ya did GREAT!!

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