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“Thoughts AFTER New Hampshire”

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 9, 2008

I Write What I Like

Now you see why I HATE PREDICTING “Sports” and “Politics”!   : )

But TONIGHT was a terribly EXCITING night for me. In fact, it reminded me ~ AGAIN ~ of JFK’s struggles to WIN the Democratic Nomination from Hubert Humphrey and others. And just like last night watching Ohio State LOSE to LSU, I can’t say I was terribly shocked by Hillary’s WIN …. as much as sobered as to Hillary’s tenacity and the fact this Campaign has a L-O-N-G way to go.

Hillary won over a LOT of WOMEN tonight! Now, whether or not her “Hillary Moment” Rallied women around her, or the perception that she was ‘ganged up on’ during last Saturday’s Debate: I have no idea. But what I do KNOW is ….. this Campaign SHOULD BE one for the Ages!!

But what I Really Believe is this: Race didn’t play a part in tonight’s final outcome. Hillary, after all, is a Fighter and a Survivor (had to be with Bill as a husband <g>). And the ‘Clinton Machine‘ is legend in politics; so with that being said, Hillary Clinton is a most formidable opponent!!

But “Hey!”. This is good olfashion HARD BALL Presidential Politics, isn’t it!

                              Great Stuff!

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