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“It’s TIME for the New Wineskins”

Posted by scorpiomkm on November 23, 2008


After closely following the brilliant campaign of Barack Obama for well over year … I’m in a bit of post election withdraw. But I can feel myself anxiously looking forward to the greatest Inauguration ever witnessed in this country ~ as well I eagerly look forward to President Obama getting America back on her feet again.

As a nation, we have to now get out of our ‘Old Wineskin’ way of thinking and prepare for the ‘New Wine’. For far too long we’ve been betrayed, lied to, propagandized, and sold a terrible ‘Bill of Goods’ by Peddlers of Destruction and Devisiveness  (the GOP, Right wingers, and the wild eyed Christian Evangelicals, greedy Corporate Culture) that has ill prepared us for the Twenty-first Century. We must NOW clear out our heads and roll up our sleeves to meet the new demands of this New Century.

You’ll see me often attack the “Death Eaters” (Right wingers, GOP etc.) on this Blog, because they have so poisoned the masses with massive un-truths and propaganda with hate and bigotry. With the election of Barack Obama they ~ the Right wing bigots ~ have taken a BIG HIT, but they are dedicated to relinquish their POWER over the Minds of the misguided masses, and why People of Good Will must counter their propaganda at every turn. It’s never easy, but the TRUTH must be advanced!

Have you ever asked “WHY” is the Right and GOP Conservatives so against the Bailout of the U.S. auto industry? And more importantly, have you stopped and asked yourself: “Why is Rush Limbaugh and Shawn Hannity blaming the Auto Unions for the failures of the car industry?”

Look at the Region of the country where the Right wing still exercises influence: the SOUTH! The non-Union SOUTH! And whom does Hannity & Limbaugh want to PUNISH for not following their madness leveled against Obama in the last Presidential Election: Northern blue collar workers!

This stuff is not difficult to analyze, Folks! But if you find it too difficult to deconstruct … just keep reading “Scorpio’s World”.   : )

It’s TIME for the ‘New Wineskins’ to make ready for the ‘New Wine’!

January 20, 2009 ~ it can’t get here soon enough!


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