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“The Economic Crisis”

Posted by scorpiomkm on November 25, 2008

I Write What I Like

I haven’t commented on the Economic Crisis because, quite frankly, I don’t KNOW enough about Economics to form an intelligent conclusion. And neither do all these so-called Experts! I do KNOW, however, that our current financial meltdown took decades to manifest itself, so I expect President-Obama to take measured strategies to set the Economy back on a sound footing.

Currently we’ve seen one thing happen to our economy that hopefully will put to an end a myth: that being a Free Market works best when regulated least! You see, our Love Affair with Capitalism has for far too long ignored the human instinct for Greed and its associated ill of Selfishness. And because of assumed need to do away with Regulation ~ spawned during the Reagan Years ~ the government is now forced to bail -out major banks, investment houses, the auto industry and soon … the airlines will again storm Congress with their collective palms out.

Mind you. The government will expend MASSIVE sums of money to right Wall Street and major industries, yet whenever the subject of Socialized Health Care, properly funding Social Security, insuring that worker’s Pensions are statutory, or that Clean Air & Water are ‘given’; well, as a society we balk and want to super analyze all the reasons ‘why’ such-and-such can’t be accomplished.

We would rather spend billions on bombs, than millions on Project Head Start!

Sure, we need to get our Economy on a sound footing; however we must prioritize whereby the Individual is Respected and Cared for as a valuable thread of the fabric of America. No child should go to bed hungry. No elderly person should have to choose between medicine or food. And no American should ever feel crushed by having their life savings wiped away due to corporate mismanagement. This is the CHANGEI’m hoping to experience under an “Obama Presidency”.

Let me hear your Comments on this, okay!




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