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“Phil Hendrie Show”

Posted by scorpiomkm on November 26, 2008

There’s this kat on Late Nite Talk Radio named Phil Hendrie. For years I used to think he was a Moderate Republican, but it wasn’t until the Primaries when he Endorsed Barack Obama for President that I took him a little more seriously.  : )

Anyway. What makes Phil so delightful to listen to are these phone calls with Listeners; and I swear that I didn’t realize that many of these Calls are creative pieces that Phil has with HIMSELF!  : )

And trust me ~ a LOT of the Real Callers that call the show have no idea that they’re responding to Calls that Phil has had with HIMSELF either!  : )

After doing some Research on Phil, I discovered that he has been in broadcasting for quite some time in the LA Area. His Radio Shows are a blast and Creative as hell!

Check it out!!


2 Responses to ““Phil Hendrie Show””

  1. rashmanly said

    I LOVE Phil Hendrie!
    He is such a genius
    and his comedy is unique.

    I based my first website on his work,
    writing as five different characters
    for five years about news and events.
    I learned so much doing that,
    and it trains your writing style to
    be fluid.

    Rash Manly

  2. Scorpio said

    Hi, Rash!

    Thanks for looking-in and offering your Comment!

    Phil is a true GENIOUS! Had me fooled for YEARS! : )

    And Bud: He’s truly, truly a comedic STUD! : )

    Phil doesn’t come on here in the San Francisco Bay Area until 10PM, I believe. But I will listen to this ‘Mad Genious’ whenever I can.

    THANKS, again!


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