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“Happy Thanksgiving! I Think?”

Posted by scorpiomkm on November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!
Each year that I’m Blessed to live on this “Green Earth of Ours“, it seems to me that various holidays have lost their meaning ~ at least insofar as I remembered them to be from my childhood. Now, whether this ‘seemingly change’ is a Natural result of the ageing process, I don’t know. But what is quite clear to me is …. that Magic surrounding holidays have lost precisely that: the MAGIC!
Take Thanksgiving as a ‘for instance’. I recall when ‘Thanksgiving’ rolled around, you could actually ‘feel’ a Societal warmth and THANKSGIVING for the Blessings granted. Human LOVE washed the Land whether it be expressed in the form of families gathering around a TV to watch the NFL ‘Thanksgiving Day Game’; or the joy of family and friends gathering together to share in a bountiful meal; or seeing the Ladies get excited to storm the mall to catch ‘after Thanksgiving bargains’; or seeing the faces of kids ‘light up’ in them knowing that soon Ol’ Saint Nick would be making his Ride.
Today ~ really for the past 10 years or so ~ I don’t FEEL the MAGIC, baby!
I guess one reason ‘why’ is the fact stores and commercial concerns started to ‘blow right past’ Thanksgiving to get shoppers in the mood to BUY, BUY, and $pend some more for Christmas, huh! Too, all this ignoring of ‘Thanksgiving’ and a tightening Economy has a LOT of us
worrying about Tomorrow rather than remembering to stop and count our Blessings for what has already been gifted to each-and-every one of us.
Thanksgiving and Christmas has never been about religion or nationalism to me ~ NEVER; but instead about that MAGICAL FEELING that permeated in the air from late November to January of the following year. Where the trials and burdens of the year were set aside and replaced with ‘Fellowship & Good Cheer’. A TIME OUT from so-called Reality.
Oh, I’m very THANKFUL for a lot of things this year!
But damn if I don’t miss the MAGIC!!

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