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“LOTR: Chapter 2”

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 2, 2008

LOTR: “The Fellowship of the Ring”, Chapter 2
The Shadow of the Past
Tolkien’s “Middle Earth” encompasses three Ages. The epic book “The Lord of the Rings” occurs during the ‘Third Age’; but as I read and studied this masterpiece … it was this sense of ‘Ancientness’ that so endeared me to the tale ~ for although the tale of Frodo’s Quest to ‘Un-make the One Ring’ is the focal point of the book, the history of Middle Earth’s Past is there each-and-every step of the way!
Chapter 2 primarily is a conversation between the wizard Gandalf and Frodo regarding the HISTORY of the Ring, and why said Ring represents a threat to not only Frodo’s Shire …. but also to all of  Middle Earth as well. But before I Comment on Chapter 2, I believe this short clip from the movie will be helpful to the non-initiated <g>, in that it gives a brief HISTORY that leads up to the tale of Frodo and the One Ring which is at the heart ~ and the embodiment ~ of the book “The Lord of the Rings

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