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“What Does Hillary Want”

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 2, 2008

I’ve been reading for WEEKS “What does Hillary want?” or “Doesn’t Hillary represent a look Backward rather than Change?” or “Where are the Liberals in an Obama Inner Circle?”, stuff like that. Regarding Hillary ~ I’ve never been a Fan of Hillary. In fact, I’ve never TRUSTED Hillary! But I’m prepared to hold my fire with respect to Barack selecting her for one simple reason: Barack KNOWS the type of people he wants surrounding him, and that he thinks will do the BEST for his Administration and the nation.
I’ve come to believe that Barack is really into Lincoln and this “Team of Rivals” thing. And let’s face it, it’s going to be hard for Hillary to be on TV ‘sticking it’ to Barack on the Sunday Shows for the next four years … when she is part of the TEAM, isn’t it.
Further, if Hillary’s TRUE DESIRE is to run for President again circa 2012, what divisions can she state that separate her from her Boss?
“Check Mate!”
Hillary is extremely Intelligent, Goal Oriented, has Gravitas and a Leader. Whether she can ‘take orders’ remains to be seen. But I’m keeping an open mind on her selection of Sec. of State. After all, nobody ~ and I mean NOBODY ~ knows the relationship between Hillary and Barack; which could pleasantly surprise skeptics. Including me.   : )

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