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Thomas Friedman Article

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 7, 2008

I Write What I Like

I have stated repeatedly since September 11, 2001, that in order to combat EFFECTIVELY  the issue of “Terrorism” … one must ‘Understand the Context of Terrorism’ to sanely deal with it in the early phases of the Twenty-first Century. Because as most Big City ‘Gang Bangers’ will TODAY brag about:

 “We don’t die: we multiply!”

But because we in the West ~ the Christian West ~ all too often lead with our Hubris, military might, and dangerous sense of superiority as natural  doers of Right and Good … we have allowed ourselves to assume certain fallacies that strengthens the merchants of Terrorism rather than having the opposite effect. Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and most places that have a sizable Islamic population are clear examples of our flawed policy in addressing ‘Terorism’ and ‘Terrorists’. Here’s how.

First of all, by condemning and associating an entire Religion (Islam) as somehow being a ‘Hate Religion’ or a religion that is savage, backward and uncivilized is thinking (?) so absurd, ignorant and irresponsible that it (the religion of Islam) doesn’t need Defending by me or any other human being; yet since 911 I’ve heard so-called ‘intelligent’ (?) people shamelessly misquote and misrepresent the Holy Quran en masse. That being said, WHY would (or should) any Muslim take to heart the musings of a kat, like Friedman, who in most cases doesn’t KNOW Islamic or Hindu Culture & Thought: yet alone he has little, to no, idea HOW these people should ‘behave’ or react!

Hell, having digested what Friedman has written I’m assuming he KNOWS how HE and Kind should have behaved to the tragedy in India last week ~ although I can’t recall Friedman holding any Mass Public Protests when the United States rained ‘Bombs Over Baghdad” killing THOUSANDS of Innocent Iraqis and Afghans, can you? 

In fact, I can only assume that Friedman already KNOWS how he and fellow U.S. Jews responded to Israelis terrorized aggression towards Palestinian Refugee Camps, resulting in the killing in cold blood Innocents!

Remember ‘Back In The Day’, Mr. Friedman? And you know what: I bet the ‘Sons of David’ reacted in much the SAME way your typical Pakistani responded in which YOU now wring your hands in sanctimonious condemnation while crying crocodile tears!

See. People are very Selective about Issues, isn’t that correct. We tend to ‘see’ and ‘judge’ things based upon our own Tribe, Culture, Religion, Race and National ‘Point of View’. Yet it has been my experience since ‘911’ that regardless of Race, Creed, Religion, and National Origin … no decent Human Being ever condones or mitigates an ‘Act of Terrorism’ where the deaths of the Innocent are concerned. Instead, most decent and THINKING Human Beings refrain from resorting to knee-jerk  condemnations of an entire Religion and its People out of IGNORANCE to be used as little more than  ‘scape goats’ to stand as substitutes for hard Study, Dialog, and Research into the vexing Issue of Terrorism.

Mr. Friedman: Reasonable People do not resort to the ‘quick and easy’ by taking unwarranted Pride (?) in advising an entire Race, Religion or Culture on how BEST (?)  they should address certain Issues within their so-called ‘spheres of influence’.

WE don’t really KNOW how the typical Pakistani is addressing the problem of ‘Terrorism’ within their midsts, now do we Mr. Friedman?

WE don’t KNOW how the typical Muslim Community addresses the problem of Radicals within their own midsts!

What WE do KNOW is this: ALL religions have their fringe elements that resort to senseless KILLING to achieve their Ends (whatever those Ends may be). And WE also KNOW (as History has taught) that Societies have effectively dealt with these fringe groups once they have taken the TIME and RESOURCES in UNDERSTANDING the CONTEXT by which these Groups grew, and in some cases flourished.

People don’t DIE or KILL just for the hell of it, Folks!

People don’t fly into buildings or strap bombs to their waist ‘just for the hell of it’, okay! Deep and Systemic ’causes’ exist that foment this behavior. A Behavior that requires much more than Military Might or Security Agencies to defeat. We need the same focus and dedication in seeking an Understanding re “Terrorism” as we now seem to need in more Treasure, Societal Disruptions, and  Innocent Lives  sacrificed to fight it!

The way I see it is thus:

If somebody HATES me so much … that he (or she) is willing to sacrifice their own LIVES  in return ….seems to me I’d want to know WHY and the Root Cause, okay! Then we’d go from there.


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