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“People, P-l-e-a-s-e!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 10, 2008

Illinois governor ignores Obama’s call to resign


Obama calls for Blagojevich to resign 


Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, center, leaves his home through a back alley 

CHICAGO – His career in shreds, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich clung defiantly to power Wednesday, ignoring a call to step down from President-elect Barack Obama and a warning that Senate Democrats will not let him appoint a new senator from the state.

“Everyone is calling for his head,” said Barbara Flynn Currie, a leader in the Illinois House and, like the governor, a Democrat.

One day after Blagojevich’s arrest, fellow Illinois politicians sought to avoid the taint of scandal-by-association.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. said at a news conference in Washington that he was Senate Candidate 5 in the government’s criminal complaint — a man Blagojevich was secretly recorded as saying might be willing to pay money to gain appointment to Obama’s vacant Senate seat. Jackson said he had been assured by prosecutors he was not a target of the investigation, and he emphatically said he had not engaged “whatsoever in any wrongdoing”.




Politics is a dirty, dog-eat-dog Game and Business! And today at work a LOT of people were holding their breath fearing that somehow Obama would be caught up in Blags Crime Spree. “After all,” they’d begin to say to me, “This is Chicago, and EVERYBODY Plays the Game there: including Obama!”

There’s this TV Commercial I LOVE where a group of Ladies are training to be synchronized swimmers: You’ve seen it!  : )

Anyway. The women ~ mostly Middle Aged ~ start complaining to the coach about their ailments. The coach looks at them and holds up his arms with a plea: “Oh, Ladies!”

I Love it!  Because that was my sentiment to people that worried about Barack’s so-called ‘ASSOCIATIONS’ with Bill Ayres … or Rev. Wright … or Tony Resko … and now the Governor.

“People please! Where is your FAITH in Barack Obama?”

“Where is your Faith … in your own Judgment?”

Obama has Flaws: he’s Human; but he’s NOT stupid! Too, Barack KNOWS ~ and has known from the very beginning of his Campaign ~ that his LIFE, Past and Present, would be scrutinized unlike no other! Folks: he took on the Clintons!!

Barack took on the GOP and the Right wing of that Party!

And WON!

Barack KNOWS Chicago Politics, People! Barack personally is a very wealthy man now. He’s President of the United States, for gripes sake!!  : )

Stop worrying about ‘what may go wrong’ and instead exercise a little FAITH in the man, okay! As long as Barack keeps his pants up <g>, he’ll do just fine!  : )

And with Michelle around … I doubt seriously Barack will have any problem keeping his pants up, do you!   : )


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