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“The Art of Writing”

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 15, 2008

Writing is something I’ve always wanted to do. Oh, I’ve started so many novels it would make your head spin . And as I listened to this writer describe his Creative Techniques … what he describes is absolutely TRUE insofar as Mentally ‘seeing’ what his Characters are doing, and how he has NO CONTROL over what a Character will do. But here’s the nub of the thing: I’ve yet to COMPLETE one of my ‘Literary Masterpieces’! : )

I’m a World Class Procrastinator, Folks! Give me a chance of another day and I’ll ‘put off’ anything! : )

Too, TIME has always been a ‘relative thing’ to me. My sense of TIME is NOT the so-called ‘Normal’, in that I perceive TIME not by a clock or calendar … but by a ‘Feeling In The Air’. Therefore, I can let huge chunks of ‘Clock/Calendar’ TIME pass and not realize it! Which can be a problem if one strives to WRITE! : )

Hell. I STILL have a Character in one of my aborted books written in 1979 ~ still wading in the Ohio River awaiting rescue! : )

If you’re going to be a WRITER: you have to WRITE daily!

Here, Folks, is yet another TRAP I’ve fallen into that has caused the death of many of my ‘started’ attempts at writing: I’ll be going along at a fine clip, writing my black ass off , when suddenly here will come Frodo Baggins or the ‘Black Riders’ rudely injecting themselves into my Story! And just for the hell-of-it, there will come J.R.R. Tolkien or Langston Hughes or Lewis or any number of my Favorite Authors sticking his nose in my business! : )

And this normally happens around my Chapter 10! : )

I’ll have visitors from “The Color Purple” or “The Bag of Bones” or any number of Great Characters I’ve either READ or SEEN come visit “MY STORY” and somehow stop me COLD!

See. This is where that story of the blind hiker, Trevor Thomas, comes in handy. As a potential Writer (or nurse, doctor, teacher, or whatever), one MUST begin to TRUST his/her own Talents and convey that wonderful Story that is buried deep within the soul! For I believe that each individual has a Story to tell that the World is anxiously awaiting! But it must be TOLD!

Working at the Craft of WRITING is no different from applying WORK to any chosen form of human endeavor, is it not?

Look folks. I’m writing this Entry for own ‘Pep Talk’ as much as yours ; for my 2009 New Year’s Resolution is to COMPLETE a BOOK! Whether or not it sells is inconsequential to me (yeah, sure) … but only that I COMPLETE the Quest!

I’m heading in 2009 toward Mt. Doom to unmake “The One Ring”! For I’ve been wearing this Ring that exercises over me Procrastination, Insecurity, and lack of Discipline, all deadly to the ‘Art of Writing’!

Excuse me: I believe I hear Frodo and Bilbo Baggins calling me. : )


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