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Posted by scorpiomkm on December 16, 2008



These remarkable people are TRUE PATRIOTS, aren’t they!

It’s easy for most people not directly touched by the horrors of ‘911’ to pound their chest and shout, “Either you’re with us or against us!” or “The hell with the scum in Gitmo!” or “Islamo Fascists have no Rights!” etc.; quite another to have lost a child, or husband, or wife, or friend in the hell-on-earth that was ‘911’ and yet still cry out for JUSTICE under the Law, and not bow down to George Bush’s idea of Law!

I’ve never understood why the American People so passively accepted the absurdity of establishing these Military Commissions to sit in Judgement of so-called ‘Enemy Combatants’. Just as I’ve never understood why so many so-called ‘Good Americans’ accepted TORTURE as a legitimate means in securing Confessions. Hell, ‘waterboard’ me … and I’ll say ANYTHING ya want just to get out of drowning, baby!

But here’s where ~ because of Fear, Hatred, and just plain Stupidity ~ a LOT of Americans failed to carry out this lunacy to its natural conclusion:

if America throws away the Rule of Law and adopts TORTURE as a means of securing so-called Confessions, then what prevents other nations from responding in kind should any American Military Personnel fall captured, hum?

Bush unleashed the ‘Dogs of Hell’ with these Military Commissions, TORTURE, and Hell Holes like Gitmo. He ~ and a compliant and docile populace ~ has placed an even larger target on the backs of our brave Service Men & Women: needlessly and at Great Peril!

As far as I’m concerned, the thoughts expressed by the brave Mothers and Fathers of Loved Ones killed on the morning of  ‘911’ are TRUE PATRIOTS that TRULY know the meaning of TRUE  PATRIOTISM!


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