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“It Ain’t About YOU, Mr. Steele”

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 31, 2009



Black is Back, huh!   : )

For a Black Man to head the Republican Party is more awesome than Obama being President!  : )

Now to be quite honest, I Salute the GOP in selecting a  ‘Black Man’ to Lead their Party; after all, Steele is a very competent individual. However, the motive in the selection of a ‘Black Man’ AT THIS TIME smacks of tokenism and sheer folly.

Republicans have always had this twisted idea that Black Folk ~ who by nature are mostly Conservative (anti-Gay, anti-Abortion, anti-Immigrant etc,) ~ will fall back in LOVE with the GOP so long as the GOP puts a ‘Black Face’ to the Party emblem. Too, the GOP LOVES to place a ‘Black Face’ out in front of themselves to SHIELD against criticism of Racism they KNOW they’ll receive as they intend to TRASH Obama at each-and-every opportunity!

Nice try, GOP; but your Methods and Style have been peeked a long time ago!

So to Steele: Congratulations! You’re coming from a LONG LINE of other Negroes that served as  ‘Shields’ while bigots lobbed their ‘racial bombs’ at YOUR PEOPLE! 

Who was that Black (?) Brother (?)  the GOP put up to Run against Obama for the Senate in Illinois?

What was his name, Mr. Steele?



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“The Glorious ‘Sistine Choir’ “

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 30, 2009

I’m not a Catholic, but to me there’s nothing ~ NOTHING ~ better than hearing the Sistine Choir Sing!

As a small boy, on most Christmas Eves I’d go to St. Mary’s Catholic Church simply to listen to the Choir. It wasn’t Rome’s Sistine Choire, but it was Glorious just the same.

And what a send off did the Sistine Choir give Pope John Paul Ii with the Magnificat! It was breathtaking!

Here’s part of it:

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Twitter #4

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 29, 2009

6:55 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

Just finished writing an Entry (see next). I messed with a few Republicans at work today saying, “Well. I see where your BOYS are scared of Rush Fatbaugh, huh!”  : )

“What do you mean?” they respond.

After I say, “The House vote yesterday! The vote where ALL the Republicans voted against Obama’s Stimulus Package! They fell in line with Limbaugh!”

And to a man they respond: “I don’t know about that Limbaugh stuff; all I can say is …. there was ‘stuff’ in the Package I disagree with.” then they walk away!   : )

I heard nothing but a deep ‘Death Rattle’ in their voices, baby!   : )

My bath water is ready … I got my book (The Lord of the Rings) in hand …. and then its ‘Good Night’!

Happy Twittering!

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“Those Poor, Fearful Teachers”

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 29, 2009

Felicity Daily Herald

Obamas stop by Sidwell

Parent-teacher conference?

Parent-teacher conference?

Maybe it was a parent-teacher conference, or perhaps President Obama was making amends for chastising local schools closing …

… over of a little snow, but the first couple paid a visit to their daughter’s school this morning.

The president and the first lady left the White House around 8 a.m., the AP reports, for a ride to the Bethesda, Md., campus of Sidwell Friends School, where 7-year-old Sasha Obama is a student.

Reporters didn’t see Sasha, or her older sister, Malia, 10, who attends the DC campus of Sidwell.




As a former Teacher, I can imagine The President and First Lady ‘dropping by’ my school to talk about their kids!

You?   : )

First of all, how in the  hell can you teach the ‘Obama Kids’ KNOWING that they’ll rush home every day ~ to the White House ~ being grilled by Michelle about what kind of Teacher you are! “Do you like your teacher?” or “What did you LEARN today?” or “Does your teacher make you ‘feel’ wanted or comfortable?”

You KNOW Michelle is grillin’ the kids!   : )

Now let’s suppose, as a teacher, you’ve had a bad week, okay! Your car broke down, or your mother fell down the steps, or your husband (or wife) wants a divorce; now here comes The President and the First Lady wanting to ‘talk’ to YOU about their children! What in the hell can you say: “Oh, Mr. President, Sasha is such a sweet girl …. and the class thinks she;s terrific!” Then you see Michelle give Barack that ‘look’ of  “She’s lying, Barack!”

I mean: god only KNOWS what those kids actually are saying about you, baby!  : )

Whatever those teachers at Sidwell make … it’s not enough. They have no idea when the Obama’s will ‘drop in’, nor what THEY really have in mind, nor their agenda. So I can only believe that from the Principle …. Ass’t Principle … Classroom Teacher(s) …. down to the janitor: every single day those folks will live in utter Fear & Terror that TODAY the President and First Lady will decide to ‘drop by’ school.

I can’t imagine.


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“The Death Rattle Grows Louder”

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 28, 2009

White House AP


House OKs $819B stimulus bill with GOP opposition 




WASHINGTON – In a swift victory for President Barack Obama, the Democratic-controlled House approved a historically huge $819 billion stimulus bill Wednesday night with spending increases and tax cuts at the heart of the young administration’s plan to revive a badly ailing economy. The vote was 244-188, with Republicans unanimous in opposition despite Obama’s frequent pleas for bipartisan support.



I’m not an Economist, but its clear to me why Obama’s “Stimulus Plan” is vitally needed … and why this COWARDLY display by the House Republicans in voting UNANIMOUSLY AGAINST it today will prove to be the Final Death Nail in the GOP’s coffin.  First the reason(s) ‘why’ the Stimulus Plan is needed NOW.

You folks read the news or watch TV just like I do, and this recent tsunamiof ‘Pink Slips’ issued by companies is staggering. And when you have a financial hemorrhaging of an Economy ~ as ours is now ~ this threatens not only our Standard of Living, but the very essence of our National Security. So what can aid in turning this thing around: a “Stimulus Package”.

To ‘stimulate’ means to Spend, Folks! The first phase of the Stimulus Plan was Passed and enacted not too long ago to stabilize the Banking and other Financial Institutions; now what is needed is a “Spending Package” to get Americans WORKING and gainfully Employed to receiving a regular paycheck. A paycheck that will afford Americans the opportunity to BUY from companies AGAIN …. who in turn will HIRE employees AGAIN …. who then these same employees can afford cars, homes, and SAVE again. But first: the government MUST SPEND to ‘jump start’ the Economy. Sure, there will be the odd ducks that ‘work the system’ and/or greedy opportunists that will make a ‘quick buck, and some ‘pork’ buried in the Bill  ~ this is to be expected, unfortunately; however, unless we get this “Stimulus Package” Passed …. a serious DEPRESSION is right around the corner and then truly all hell will break loose.

BTW ~ have you noted a stabilization occurring on Wall Street recently, hum?

Now allow me to turn to these lilly-livered WIMPS called ‘House Republicans’, okay!!

Republicans have no Plan other then the tired and stale mantra of  “What would Reagan do” and of course: tax cuts. That’s it! So why did the House Republicans vote in ‘lockstep’ against Obama’s “Stimulus Package” today? We know they (Republicans) have no Plan, and we also know Republicans have gotten their heads handed to them in the ’06 and ’08 Elections. So what happened today?

I’ll tell you.

I listen to Right wing radio. And I do so primarily to gain an Understanding as to ‘why’ Republicans do what they do ~ like what House Republicans did today. Beginning shortly before Obama took Office, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, and similar red nosed  Clowns of their ilk … began TRASHING Republicans in Congress! Yep, these babbling Right wing ‘Talking Heads’ slandered, demeaned, and ridiculed ANY Republican Comgress-person that dared ‘act nice’ or civil to President Barack Obama; to the point that during the last several days these radio Right wing ‘Hate Mongers’ Pledged to ‘Call Out’ the NAMES of Republican House-members that dare vote FOR the Obama Stimulus Package!

Well, today we saw the effects of Rush Limbaugh-Hannity-Savage  et al SHAMING of the House Republicans: these kats were too scared to buck the ‘mean spiriterd’, Narrow Minded Right wing and their ugly talking mouths. Sad.

But what is going to be even sadder is this: when the Economy ‘turns around’ ~ and it will, and before 2010 ~ these chicken shxx House Republicans will be GONE! Voted out and Declared an Extinct Species! I’ve already told you folks that Limbaugh and his Clones are living on borrowed time, haven’t I.

I’m enjoying the HELL out of watching the ‘Death Rattle’ of the Republican Party and their Right wing “Death Eaters”!

And for all you ‘Joe Six Packs’, Hillbilly lovin’, gun tottin’ red necks:  keep in mind that the Obama “Stimulus Package” is designed to HELP “YOU”, while TODAY you saw just how much Republicans and their Right wing ‘Mud Slingers’ REALLY care about ‘YOU” and YOUR Family …. and your ‘Way of Life’, didn’t we.

Sad. It really is.

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‘Twitter Scorpio’

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 28, 2009

5:11 AM


On my way out the door for WORK.   : (

I heard on the radio some Polling Company ~ not sure whether American or International ~ that President Obama is the “Most Popular Person in World History”! Hell, I don’t need my Morning Joe now!   : )

Congress VOTING on the Stimulas Package today.

Happy Twittering!

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‘Twitter Scorpio’

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 27, 2009

Twitter Scorpio #2:

Have just now added to the Blog a PHOTO Gallery located on the left hand side of the page. Most of the photos were taken when I visited New Zealand several years ago.

See, I can walk and chew gum at the same time, huh!  : )

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‘Twitter Scorpio’

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 27, 2009

Let me say from the outset that I’m thrilled by the number of HITS I receive here on “Scorpio’s World”; however, one area I’m looking to improve upon is the number of “Comments” I receive ~ which are few.

Now then. Some time ago I checked out ‘Twitter’. To my surprise all it was consisted of a person making a 2 or 3 Line comment about what was going on in their Life at that particular moment. That person, in return, received similar Comments from their Readers insofar as what THEY were doing right that instant.

So here we go <g>. Tonight I’m going to kick off  “Twitter Scorpio” informing in a sentence or two (or three) what I happen to be doing at that particular TIME.

Please …. Please …. participate with a ‘Twitter’ of your own in my ‘Comments’ section. Depending on the amount of ‘Twitters’ I receive from you, I’ll publish your Comment(s) and/or Respond accordingly, okay!

My Twitter #1:

I just finished making ‘LOVE’; she left; I feel GREAT <g>; and now I’m quite sleepy!  : )

I’m now watching MSNBC (Rachelle Maddows <g>), then will read a few Chapters of  “The Lord of the Rings” then do a little Meditation before retiring for the night.

Happy Twittering!!

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“Stand and Fight!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 27, 2009

I’m a HUGE Fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s  book “The Lord of the Rings”. If you saw the Film LOTR: “The Return of the King”, recall the Last Battle before the Black Gates of Mordor. The Alliance of Men were preparing an attack against the mighty forces of the Dark Lord Sauron (the ‘One Eye’). and Aragorn gave a stirring Speech to the Troops just before the Final Battle.
What struck me today about Aragorn’s Speech was his unshakable BELIEF that despite the overwhelming odds against them; despite the overpowering sense of hopelessness; despite the doubt and pessimism that was taking hold of his troops … Aragorn stood Firm and told his Men: Stand Strong, Proud and Defiant!
I see a LOT of Aragorn in President Barack Obama. In just a week in Office you have those so-called ‘Good Americans’ ~ these naysayers ~ whining how Obama’s Plans can’t work. How the Economy can’t be turned around …. how you can’t have peace and security as long as Iran is not “Shocked & Awed” … how America’s best days are behind us. Well, I never have chosen doubt and fear over HOPE.
Mankind ~ particularly Americans ~ have never believed that something can’t be done or is impossible. For as long has Mankind has HOPE, PERSERVERANCE, and a deep Belief in the POSSIBLE any (and all) things can be accomplished! Whether its defeating massive armies, or curing diseases, or turning around a slumping economy: “All things are possible under God” as they say.
Oh, the naysayers will be out there harping and bitching away at our confidence in President Barack Obama, so let’em. Because as I’ve stated since last January: the DAY of Negative & Hateful thinking is over! It’s a “New Day”!
So we best heed the words of Aragorn and rush into Battle with the full BELIEF that we will prevail and conquer the Enemy that appears unbeatable and invincible. Be we hobbits, elves, dwarves, or Men:
                                               Yes We Can!
“Hold your ground! Hold your ground! Men of Gondor, of Rohan: my Brothers!
I see in your eyes the same fear that will take the heart of  me. The day may come when  the courage of Men fail  and we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship: but it is not this day!
An hour of woe and shattered shield when the  ‘Age of Men’ comes crashing down: but it is not this day!
This day we Fight!
By all that you hold dear of this good earth, I bid you stand and Fight! Stand ‘Men of the West’!”
                     ~ Aragorn (King of Gondor)

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“A REAL President!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 27, 2009

Barack is ‘for real’, Folks!

Barack ~ Mr. President ~ gave his FIRST TV Interview not to Great Britain … not to France …. not to Israel …. not to Russia or China: but to Mideast TV!

As I’ve stated since September 11, 2001, it’s critical that WE seek to UNDERSTAND the CONTEXT of Terrorism. While most Americans were waving Flags and preaching how the Arab World needed to be BOMBED back to the 6th Century … I took the approach that you now see our New President pursuing. I KNOW that its hard for Right wingers and innately racist individuals to fathom the fact that Muslims are PEOPLE too; that Islamic Nations want the SAME THINGS the West and the United States want: Peace & Security. I KNOW that in pockets of America, some Neanderthals and ‘knuckle draggers’ enjoy pounding their chests and talking vicious bravado because they think (?) Military Action and “Shock & Awe” are the only things Muslims understand. Well, after 8 long YEARS of Bush we also KNOW “Shock & Awe” has NOT made us any Safer than 911 ~ nor has chest pounding and WAR MONGERING made our prestige in the world any better but just the opposite.

In President Barack Obama we NOW see what a REAL President does. A President, as seen on the Presidential Seal ~ executes BOTH Peace and War. The President is fully cognizant of America’s Military Might, but a REAL PRESIDENT also KNOWS that through Diplomacy and a real sense of Justice and the respect for International Law … that his greatest task is Peace in the world. Something Bush NEVER understood nor recognized.

Gitmo: gone!

Torture: no more!

Recognition of the pain and suffering to Palestinians: PUBLICLY noted! (a 1st by an American President)

A search for the Understanding of the CONTEXT of Terrorism: begun!

“Yes We Can!”



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