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“Comments From Zero/Zero”

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 3, 2009

Trevor Thomas Says:
December 27, 2008 at 6:03 pm

Hi. I am Trevor Thomas, the blind AT through-hiker. Thanks for posting my article on your blog. I would love to have a copy of the article posted in the San Francisco Chronicle for my file, but have been unable to pull it up online. I was unaware they had picked it up. Can you help? Im glad you found my story to be inspirational. I look forward to hearing from you.
Trevor Thomas, aka Zero/Zero



Hello, Trevor!
I’m Honored that you took the TIME to somehow find my Blog. Secondly, I want to again say that what you did was truly Remarkable and a Testament to the Human Spirit ~ and the Courage we have if only we Believe in ourselves and  what we have deep inside us.
I first read about the AT several years ago and I thought to myself: “I love walking and hiking, but across 14 States! You got to be joking!”   : )
Maybe in the next Life, huh!   : )
Anyway, about your request. After I came back down to earth after seeing your Comments <g>, I thought to fulfill your request ‘no big deal’: all I’d have to do is Google it and presto; but it wasn’t quite that easy. For some strange reason, the “San Francisco Chronicle” isn’t into the ‘archive’ business, at least not online;  that or else the Chronicle doesn’t archive articles it uses from News Groups such as McClatchy (as I believe the Chronicle is a member). Now of course I could try getting in touch with the Chronicle directly ~ which I did ~  but trust me Trevor: unless you have a murder you want to report … or an Ad you want published … or an Article you want ‘corrected’ … or a Subscription you want, you’re pretty well ‘stuck’ with the Chronicle’s General Operator, and there: good luck trying to reach a Human Voice.   : )
To make a long story short <g>, and after days of not believing how hellish it was to get some progress on a simple problem ~ after all, if Trevor could hike the mighty AT … why can’t I get this little thing done <g> ~ I finally found something I believe is an Answer to our joint endeavor.  : )
I found a site that offers the World the Leading Newspapers throughout the entire world and in every conceivable language. Here’s the website:
I would have ‘linked’ the above, however I’m not as sophisticated in computer skills as one would think!   : )
Just type the above in a ‘Google’ or web browser that you use and you’ll be right there. After all, you found me didn’t you!   : )
It’s a Fantastic site and one I plan on using often. Play with it a bit ~ I did ~ and you’ll be able to ARCHIVE the December 12, 2008 Edition of the ‘San Francisco Chronicle’ that has your Story entitled “Blind Hiker’s Long Journey Out Of  Darkness“. You find it in the ‘Nation and World’ Section of the paper.
Now, there’s one little hitch. Since PressDisplay considers your Article as ‘ARCHIVED’ … they’ll charge you $2.75 to retrieve it; and I must admit, Trevor, that since this is NOT my story … I didn’t go that far in my Quest, okay!  : )
Good Luck, Trevor! And say, since I’m a HUGE Fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” … perhaps I can convince you to allow me to guide you through the “Misty Mountains” (or New Zealand’s ‘Southern Alps’ as they were so wonderfully displayed in the Films of the same Title) 
Again, it was a “Great Story” you lived out on the mighty AT, Trevor. Let me know how this current Quest of the “San Francisco Chronicle” turns out, OK!
May the Valar be with you!


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