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View Sunday ‘Talk’ Objectively

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 4, 2009

As a continuation on my previous Entry entitled “The Madness Continues”, I would like to make an Observation:
As you watch several of the ‘Sunday News Shows’, or watch National and/or Local TV News Shows, or listen to ‘TALK RADIO’, or read your Sunday newspaper ~ how many of the so-called EXPERTS (?) are Palestinian OR have a position contrary to the Israeli “Hamas started this Invasion!” mantra.
How many of these so-called ‘Learned People’ that profess to KNOW so much …. have actually LIVED or WORKED in Gaza; actually KNOW Palestinian Culture; or even express an Objective Opinion?
See. Since we Americans generally live in a ‘Media Bubble’, we often let our Perspective and View of the World to be reliant on what the TV, Radio and Newspapers says it is; also we’ve been conditioned to allow these ‘Merchants of Opinion’ to be our ‘TRUTH SEEKERS’, don’t we. I submit to YOU: this is a most flawed and dangerous habit we’ve gotten ourselves into.

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