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Posted by scorpiomkm on January 7, 2009

  1. Yigal Says:
    January 6, 2009 at 9:46 am

    As a Jew, allow me to answer. I share your pain at the loss of civilian life, and I think that Israelis share your pain as well. But I think it is important to make several points here.

    Surely there is a distinction between rounding up innocent, unarmed Jews, deporting them to concentration camps, and gassing them to death, and targeting terrorists with unfortunate collateral damage. Believe me, if Israel wanted to commit genocide, in bombing a thousand targets in the most densely populated area on earth, they would and could have killed far more than 500 people (75% of whom, according to the UN, are armed terrorists).

    Surely, if you have a problem with Israel firing at civilian centers, you would also condemn Hamas – which is essentially doing the same thing! Your silence in the face of Palestinian terrorism is telling…

    Moreover, I would argue that your denial of Israel’s right to defend its civilians against lethal Hamas attacks – essentially having innocent Israelis and their children be sitting ducks for genocidal terrorists – is nothing short of genocidal itself.

    The painful scenes that Palestinian children are witnessing are sad, but also important. Palestinian children are also learning an important life lesson – terrorism against innocent civilians doesn’t pay. Far from achieving independence and honor, it brings Palestinians suffering, humiliation and devastation. Instead of building rockets and training to be suicide bombers perhaps these children will do something more than their foolish parents – perhaps they’ll build themselves an economy, hospitals, and infrastructure and become something more than a hotbed for terrorism and hate.

    Oh, and as for the “occupation.” Israel withdrew from Gaza two years ago. The Palestinians – in elections monitored by Jimmy Carter and the EU – elected Hamas. So what on earth is “occupation” other than yet another buzzword to excuse all Palestinian wrongs?



I’m glad you took the TIME to Comment, Yigal.
First of all, I have no dog in this RECENT Israel/Palestinian ‘schoolyard fight’ other then the fact that I’m a Human Being that decries wanton killing, scapegoating, indiscriminate violence, heavy handedness and oppression. In short, I’m outraged whenever I see ANY PEOPLE ~ be they Jew, Muslim, Christian, Black, White, Asian, East, West, Democrat, Communist etc. ~ continue to hold to Mankind’s ‘Lowest Nature’ (KILL) to so-called Resolve a Problem or …. seek a ‘Final Solution’.
I’ve lived long enough, read and seen enough, talked to enough people (both Jew and Palestinian) to understand that this cycle of violence between Israel and the Palestinians has long since reached the point of utter INSANITY! So much so that both sides have reached the point where they see as the only ‘Final Solution’ to their problem(s) is Death, Destruction and untold Pain and Misery. To the point that generally the WORLD has thrown up their hands and said:
“Let’em kill each other!”
See, Yigal. Jews (in general) and Israel (in particular) think these MASSIVE retaliations somehow engender sympathy for their ‘Cause’ from the world ~ and particularly from the United States, since its the United States that supplies Israel with the Military where-with-all to enact all this “Shock & Awe” in the first place in that Region. Similarly, by calling Palestinians ‘Terrorists’ this somehow justifies the Israelis bulldozing Palestinian homes … or using frequent military incursions to INTIMIDATE Palestinians … or keep building these silly Settlements …. and on-and-on:
somehow Israel thinks its hands are ‘clean’ and that Uncle Sam will forever ‘back them up’ in perpetuity.
Will they?
Too. Palestinians hold to the ‘faulty thinking’ that their Islamic Brothers will somehow ‘come to their aid’. That somehow by absorbing enough deaths and endearing enough indignities … that somehow their Brothers will rise up in Arms against the ‘Israeli Bully’ and usurper and ‘right a wrong’.
Both Long Term Dreams ~ Israelis and Palestinians ~ are simply that: Dreams.
There is no justification, by either side, sufficient to negate the INSANITY of this ‘Cycle of DEATH’ practiced by Israel and Palestinian!  None.
And what’s really amazing to me is ~ here you have 2 Brothers (Jew & Muslim), that share a Common Patriarch (Abraham), Common Eating Habits and Customs … yet this desire by these two Great Religions & Peoples to constantly repeat ‘Cain and Able’ is stunning!
I’m afraid that both Jew and Muslim in that part of world is closely reaching the point where the World doesn’t give a damn anymore; and that all the justifications, rationalizations, excuses and so on will fall on deaf ears ~ and the World will just stand back and watch Jew and Palestinian KILL each other!
Judge the reaction from the World TODAY as compared to, say, 20 years ago! Its like watching a ‘battered woman’ constantly return to her abusive husband: after awhile one says, “She must love being beaten!”
This, to me, were I an American Jew (or Jew period), would be of greater Concern, and where I would work to Resolve this schism between these two neighbors ~ over there.
Like I previously stated: “I don’t have a dog in this Fight!”  In fact, I ALWAYS champion LIFE, because I do KNOW that regardless the justification … LIFE will never forgive those that abuse it!
“Thanks” for your Comment!

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