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The Choice Is Clear

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 7, 2009

Immediately after 911 I stated that our (America) #1 Priority was to make efforts at ‘Understanding The Context of Terrorism’. But of course America pursued the course of Militarily attacking people and demonizing their Religion (Islam), or working themselves up into a Nationalistic Frenzy of “God Bless America” and “Shock & Awe”, or just revert ourselves back to the good’ol ‘Days of John Wayne’ shoot to kill mentality. (not to mention the draining of our National Treasury)
Over the past nearly 7 years, we’ve been led to follow both our prejudices as well as what we’ve been TOLD that …. Radical Muslims resort to strapping bombs to their chest or fly planes into buildings because Islam is a VIOLENT RELIGION, and that Muslims want to die simply to be with Allah in Paradise.
The above, sadly, has been the extent of American understanding of the CONTEXT of Terrorism. Which, unfortunately, has brought us severe restrictions of our Civil Liberties & Civil Rights; a national deficit that will encumber our children (and their children) with a mountain of Debt; a ruinous War in Iraq; and has allowed for the Ranks of al Qaeda to grow in proportion to George Bush’s ‘chest beating’. Yet we still have no idea why ‘Terrorism’ and its Context is so important to our Understanding.
A Nation’s History is written by the Victor. That’s why the history of Early America was normally written from the perspective of the Early white Settlers and was woefully remiss of the Contributions from Native Americans (Indians) and Blacks (including Slaves) ~ as well as Mexicans, Chinese etc. ~ that exist even to this day. But had the Full and Complete ‘History of America’ been told, believe me: a much greater ‘context’ of the ‘African American Experience’, say, would have been understood and thus quickened the Movement toward ‘A More Perfect Union‘ and sane America.
You see, Folks. Oppression, Poverty, and being treated as Sub-Human breeds a certain desperate and fanatical attitude and behavior among ANY people! Even one Patrick Henry, an American ‘Founding Father’, stated: “Give me Libertyor give me Death!”   Now, I’ve never seen Patrick Henry described as some ‘Radical Christian Fanatic”, have you?
I’ve never seen Ben Franklin’s statement to his colonial ‘Band of Brothers’ that: “Either we hang together … or hang separately!” as being this ‘Death Wish’ to just go out and gleefully KILL the Brits, have you?
History just depends on whom is writing it, as well. That’s why in British History Texts, I think they afford maybe 2 paragraphs ~ if that much ~ to the American Revolution.
People need to check their Prejudices, Religion, Attitudes, Bigotry, Narrow Mindedness, Guns and Victimization at the door … and WORK to gain a far better Understanding as to ‘why’ we can’t LIVE in Peace with one another.
As Human Beings, we ‘All’ have a stake in bridging the divides that separates One from Another. That, or else Mankind will eventually disappear from the face of the earth! Then it really won’t matter ‘who’ was really right, will it.

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