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The Jewish ‘Fear Factor’ In The Media

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 7, 2009

I think it has been quite well  KNOWN that the U.S. Media is fearful of so-called ‘offending American Jewish Interests’ with respect to honestly and OBJECTIVELY  reporting on Israeli War policies against the Palestinian People. Just as its commonly Understood by the U.S. Media (be it Press, Radio, or Electronic) that for the U.S. Media to Report objectively (yet alone criticize Israel ~ heaven forbid) is to welcome ‘antisemitic’ labeling and harsh Economic reprisals from the American Jewish Community.

Case in point: watch CNN trip all over itself in merely Reporting  that in FACT  it was ISRAEL,  and not Hamas,  that initially violated the ‘Cease Fire’ Agreement back in November ’08.

Simply amazing  … but True!  Watch:




Does anybody in the Media have the gonads to speak HONESTLY about Israel?

I don’t see any such cowardliness by the Media in TRASHING President Mugabe of Zimbabwe, or what has happened in the Sudan or the Congo, you?

Maybe  ‘Black Americans’  need to write the Media and greedy Politicians  more Checks, ya think! That or else it’s a FACT  that ‘Black Americans’ tend to not put lipstick on a pig.

Wrong is simply that: WRONG! Regardless the Race, Religion, Creed or Color ~ if an Individual or People are WRONG in the eyes of the ‘World’s Standards of Human Decency’ … ya call it like ya see it!

No excuses, please.


Sad and Shameful.


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