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The Lion & Hyena

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 7, 2009

Well, you saw these two Positions, one Israeli the other Palestinian; and is there any reason ‘why’ they’ve been KILLING each other now for over 60 YEARS!

Is there any reason to believe that with all this  ‘Finger Pointing’ and ‘Who shot John’ blame gaming ~ that what we’ve seen 60 YEARS ago and what we see NOW will ever cease?

It seems to me that the Israeli/Palestinian “Death Dance” will continue long into the Twenty-first Century, with the winner to be determined by who is last standing. And this is a stain upon ‘All of Humanity’.

As I view things now, I see this “Death Wish” on both sides as simply “The War of the Jungle”. I thought as Human Beings we were better than that, but apparently I was wrong. Let me explain: let’s look at the Lion and the Hyena, shall we.

Both the Lion and Hyena share the same turf and same Food Supply. Each are both very skilled Hunters with sophisticated Family Structures and Protocols. Yet it has ALWAYS been in their respective DNA to literally HATE one another. In fact, these two species of animal will KILL each other just for the hell of it! Oh, I’m sure if either the Lion or Hyena could speak to us they’d claim that the ‘other side’ was deserving of being killed because the ‘other side’ had violated some territorial right, or that the ‘other side’ was wrong because they (the other side) struck first … or struck without warning … or killed innocent cubs or whatever Hyena call their kids:

but at the end of day (or evening), both Lion and Hyena end up DEAD.

That’s the “Law of Nature” as between these two species of Animal, and by which its quite apparent now that both Jew and Palestinian follow this SAME LAW with enthusiasm and morbid Glee. Because no SANE Society or Peoples that wish to exist well into the Future subscribes to this “Death Worshipping” as practiced by these two Societies.


The Torah tells Jews to “Thou Shalt Not Kill!” … “Thou Shalt Not Covet ANYTHING that is thy Neighbors!” While another Jew (Jesus) said: “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself!”

Too, Palestinians so-called abide to their religious tenets. Why,  even the very name ‘Islam’ means PEACE; and the Holy Quran informs Muslims to “Fight ONLY to defend your religion ~ and leave all else in Allah’s Hands!”

But it seems to me that Jew and Palestinian have thrown out all pretence of following the tenets of their respective Faiths, and instead desire to simply follow “The Law of the Jungle”.

I’m a HUGE Fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings”. But I’ve also read his book entitled “The Silmarillion” which tells of the creation of ‘Middle Earth’, Elves, Man, and Evil. The book, in part, tells of a Mighty Race of Men, the Dunedian, who lived on an island called Numenor. To make a long story short, the Dunedain were a very Gifted and Brilliant People. But being Human, the Dunedain allowed their Pride to get the best of their better nature. Soon, the Dunedain even thought they were ‘above the Law’ of the “Powers” (Valar) and attempted to attack the Powers domain itself. Well, as expected the “Powers” completely destroyed their Land and ended their long reign on earth.

Mind you also thatthe Dunedain even strove to be Immortal (somewhat like the Elves) before their granduers of ATTACKING the “Powers” took full hold. They (the Dunedain) worshipped living immortally so strongly … that in essense they really WORSHIPPED DEATH! Grand tombs and mosoleums were erected to pay homage for a Long Life!

So perhaps the Jews and Palestinians really want to live LONG LIVES … by simply worshipping and adoring Death: just like Tolkien’s Numenorians of old.

So let’s just sit back and watch the Lion (Jews) and Hyena (Palestinians) KILL each other under the auspecis of the “Law of the Jungle”, okay! Because that makes more sense to me than even what the Dunedain tried to pull off in Tolkien’s fantasy.


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