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Legal (?) Violence

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 15, 2009

As a Citizen of Oakland, CA., I like the rest of Oakland’s decent and Law Abiding Citizens have been OUTRAGED over the mindless and despicable shooting of a young Black Man by BART Police on New Year’s Day!

Just last night in Oakland yet  another Rally was held downtown; and hell, THIS AFTER  the ROGUE cop was picked-up in Nevada on MURDER CHARGES!!

This kind of viciousness and wanton MURDER of Black Males by racist nazis COPS must STOP! Hell, I recall years ago hearing white kats trying their damndest to JUSTIFY what those cops did to Rodney King in LA (nearly bludgeoned him to death); have watched in horror some gestapo  KILLER COPS excused for shooting and KILLING Diallo (a Black Man) in New York City after he (Diallo) simply reached for his wallet ON THE COPS ORDERS! And on-and-on-and-on.

Some white people ~ hell, I don’t know ~ but I believe some white people FEAR and/or HATE Blacks so deeply … that they are willing to give rogue COPS carte blanch Authority to shoot and KILL Black Males with impunity, just so long as these same punk COPS so-called Protect them in their lilly-white ‘burbs’ and white conclaves. Similar to the ‘turn your backs’ mentality used to somehow justify what the Jews are currently doing by ruthlessly KILLING Palestinians with impunity. The Jewish replica of their ‘Final Solution’, I guess.

Whether its rogue COPS in Oakland, CA or New York City.

Whether its a rogue nation, like Israel …. death begets death and everybody is the LOSER in the end.

These cowardly acts of heavy-handed VIOLENCE must STOP!!


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