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Without The Simple And Ordinary

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 15, 2009

“A moral of the whole (after the primary symbolism of the Ring, as the will to mere power, seeking to make itself objective by physical force and mechanism, and so also inevitably by lies) is the obvious one that without the high and noble the simple and vulgar is utterly mean; and without the simple and ordinary the noble and heroic is meaningless.”
                               ~ excerpt from Tolkien’s Letter to his Publisher
                                           14 September 1950
This morning I watched on ‘CNN LIVE’ the Confirmation Hearings of Susan Rice (Ambassador to UN), George Bush’s Victory (?) Lap Address to the personnel working at State, the ‘Farewell Address’ of both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden to the Senate  … as well as reading a few of J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘Letters’ to family, friends and publisher. 
As I watched the parade of ‘noble’ and ‘heroic’ individuals proudly state their own achievements over the last 8 years … or over the last 36 years in the Senate (Biden) …. or while Serving the State of New York (Clinton) …. or what she’ll do in the UN (Susan Rice), I was struck with a simple TRUTH that each-and-every Individual this morning expressed loud and clear:
                                              “Dammit! I count!”
And when you think about it, isn’t that the one chief motivator each-and-every Individual hopes to claim on their ‘Death Bed’ when the doctor(s) pick up the broken lances of their trade and can do no more!
                                                         “Dammit! I counted too!”
Maybe when we’re Young and full of vinegar, a person’s Goals and Dreams are centered primarily on wealth, family, status and all the other ‘worldly things’ that hold our attention; but as the YEARS go by and we tend to focus more on, perhaps, the Spiritual aspects of LIFE ~ and particularly on our own mortality ~ there’s this ‘Philosophic Outlook’ that sets in and we often ‘clear the decks’ (so to speak) in order that we can make the Proclamation at Life’s End that we ‘Fought the GOOD FIGHT’ and can now go to the Grave with a shout!
” … without the high and noble the simple and vulgar is utterly mean; and without the simple and ordinary the noble and heroic is meaningless.”
My father was a ‘shoeshine man’. He didn’t make much money, and by ‘Societal Standards’ his was not a job most men sought to raise a family or own a home; but he was a ‘Great Man’ in that none of his 3 kids ever felt ‘poor’ despite living in a community that was mostly comprised of Doctors and Lawyers; he sent his 3 kids to college …. had a house …. had a loving and devoted wife …. as well as without attending Church more than 5 times that I can remember: he instilled in his Family the parameters of what was ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. To me, my Father was both Noble and High, while himself LIVING a very ‘normal’ and ‘ordinary’ existence.
I don’t know whether or not my Father’s Life enabled him to cross over the Great Sea and head into the West ~ I’m not God ~ but I do KNOW that he was the type of MAN Tolkien must have had THEMATICALLY in mind when he sat down to pen “The Lord of the Rings”.
                                   My Father’s LIFE ….. counted!
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