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“Father, stand beside me …”

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 19, 2009


Well, it’s almost here: the Day when my eyes Witness a Black Man …. assume the Presidency of the United States of America. A Day I thought my eyes would NEVER see.


The Election of Barack Obama is so significant in that it demonstrates that America has now taken that ‘Giant Leap’ to Lead the world in Her (the world) age old struggle against Racism, Bigotry, Sexism, and Narrow Mindedness built on hate and fear. That as far as America is concerned … there will be ‘Zero Tolerance’ toward those that peddle this poison either in the work place, public accommodations, housing, Local or High political Office or in our schools. Yes, America has now moved to a far different place!

Even Israel wants to get out of Gaza BEFORE Obama takes the ‘Oath of Office’ !

I recall when the apartheid government in South Africa fell; how the world felt that blacks would seek vengeance against whites for the ruthless treatment they had endured under White Rule. And I thought about this because as I heard commentators say how great America was to have a smooth and peaceful ‘Transition of Government’ ~ which is truly rare and laudable ~ I never-the-less thought back on South Africa and Nelson Mandela.

The ‘New South Africa’ under Mandela didn’t punish or execute whites for their Past Evils, but instead the government held a series of Public Meetings that allowed various whites to ‘own’ the evil they had caused to millions. This process was known as “The Period of Reconciliation and Atonement”. This process was successful in the HEALING as between both BLACK & WHITE, and I think that ascension of Barack Obama to the Presidency is a form of ‘Reconciliation and Atonement’ too.

A chance to HEAL ourselves, so to speak.

Tomorrow, January 20, ’09, is much more than a Historical Point in our Nation’s history; for tomorrow represents a ‘New Beginning’ ~ a ‘Turning of the Page’ ~ in the further Growth of our Great Nation into the New Century.

God Bless America!

“Father, stand beside me and give to my faltering steps …. Courage worthy of the magnificent Life thou hast given me!” 



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