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“Open Letter to President Obama”

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 19, 2009

An ‘Open Letter’ to President Barack Obama
By the time you read this, you would have been sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. I can only guess what you’re now feeling as you sit in the chair in the Oval Office, or what reflections back on the long Journey you took to sit where you are today; after all, very few men have experienced such things as seeking the Highest and most Powerful Office in the world. Oh, in the days ahead so many pressing matters may come to bear that may cause you to ‘second or third guess’ your Decision to seek the Office you now find yourself in, so I’d like to offer you some advise that may come in handy when that Oval Office gets real small … and the problems Real Big.
First of all, Mr. President, for some inexplicable reason(s) God ‘chooses’ certain people … at certain times … to fulfill ‘His Plan’ for Humanity. History is littered by such people that have made a difference in the arch of Human History ~ be it through the force of personality or whatever. And regardless the circumstances, generally in each-and-every case those so ‘Chosen‘ accepted the trial and saw their Destiny through to the very end, impervious to risk and the slings and arrows of criticism that come with acting Decisively to Challenges.  
Secondly, never lose your sense of “Self“. You appear to be Blessed with a loving and strong wife that will keep you grounded, as well as with two darling daughters that no matter what: you’ll still be just Dad. Hold firmly to this, Mr. President, because it is your family that will ALWAYS stand by your side regardless the Polls or the general mood of the country.
A finally, it’s just not ‘Black People’ whose Hopes and Dreams you carry on your shoulders as you sit in the Oval Office, nor Whites …. Latinos …. Asians …. Native American … or just plain Americans of every stripe:
                                     but the aspirations of the entire WORLD!
Case in point: even Israel wants to leave Gaza BEFORE you take Office!
The World hungers for Peace, Mr. President. And I’ve never quite understood why a nation as powerful as the United States …. itself KNOWING that our Might is without challenge …. often looks firstly to unleash the ‘Dogs of War’ instead of the
Wisdom of Diplomacy and Understanding. During your Campaign, Mr. President, you often spoke of the need for the latter and for which I take heart.
My Prayers are with you, Mr. President! And will Support you in any way possible.
God Bless you, and God Bless America.

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