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“I Believe I Hear the ‘Death Rattle’ “

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 21, 2009


What you just saw from Glenn Beck, Folks: is the Right wing “Death Rattle”.

Since Barack won the Iowa Caucus back in January ’08, there has been a loud and constant drumbeat from the ‘Nasty Right’ against him. Kats like Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Beck  and all the other ‘Merchants of Hate’ have tried to find the ‘hole in the armor’ that will mortally wound him (Obama) and reinforce in White Folks Minds the ‘ages old’ Fears that always lie just beneath the surface.

Right wing Radio has been sustained since the Clinton Administration from its Divisiveness, Hate, Prejudice, Greed and the Lower Instincts of Human Nature; and they do so simply because in America: Bigotry Sells!! But as Barack stated yesterday (and I paraphrase): ” … the sands have shifted from under them!”

I recall when Tiger Woods began WINNING Majors. Immediately white kats started their instinctive ‘Race Baiting’ and demeaning of Tiger’s Accomplishments. And I would tell these kats: “Don’t allow your Racism … to detract from you enjoying this ‘once in a lifetime’ athlete!”

Yeah, as a Black Man I’m Proud as hell at what Barack has been able to Accomplish in such a relative short time ~ did anybody outside Illinois KNOW who Barack Obama was prior to his Convention Speech in 2004. But buried deep down inside me I actually feel great pity toward those that have allowed their petty Racism, Racial Hubris, and Bigotry to deprive them of this earth shattering …. sea changer …. and stunning “Evolution of American Politics & Life” that is one Barack Obama!

Racism in America, for HUNDREDS of YEARS, has been a gross stain on this Country that has denied Her numerous and untapped ‘Wells of Talent’ and detracted from the Prestige & Honor She feels is due from the rest of the world. Yet, these so-called ‘Patriots’ and ‘Good Americans’ have slammed, TRASHED, demeaned, mis-characterized, and lied about a skinny ‘Black Man’ that simply sought to accomplish what every other White Man could seek if he so choose.

Kats like Limbaugh, Beck, and Hannity HIDE their vicious Racism behind the usual bromides of Freedom, Justice, Free Enterprise and Patriotism. They wrap their petty Bigotry in a so-called LOVE of the American Flag and our mighty Military Might to turn weaker nations into parking lots if they don’t do our bidding or bend to our Will.

But here now is what I enjoy the most as I listen to these dinosaurs: America has moved BEYOND the doctrine of HATE these Right winger stooges peddle DAILY over the airways: yet they’re  SCARED to death. Scared that their Congregations  will ‘dry up’ and no longer listen to their hateful Sermons. And their Congregations WILL shrink, because Mankind is constantly spiraling Upward. That’s the Law!

So for all you disciples of Rush Fatbaugh, Heil Hannity, that nazis Savage, and those  doofus Messrs Beck & O’Reilly:

enjoy them now …. because their Days are numbered! In fact, you better take out a tape and record their Narrow Minded &  ‘White Man’s Burden’ Sermons …. because its a “New Day in America”!

This Day has been 400 YEARS in the making: but the Page has been turned!

BTW ~ Tonight Rush Limbaugh is a Guest on the “Shawn Hannity Show” on Fox.   : )

                                     “Close the doors to the Church!”   : )


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