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“A REAL President!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 27, 2009

Barack is ‘for real’, Folks!

Barack ~ Mr. President ~ gave his FIRST TV Interview not to Great Britain … not to France …. not to Israel …. not to Russia or China: but to Mideast TV!

As I’ve stated since September 11, 2001, it’s critical that WE seek to UNDERSTAND the CONTEXT of Terrorism. While most Americans were waving Flags and preaching how the Arab World needed to be BOMBED back to the 6th Century … I took the approach that you now see our New President pursuing. I KNOW that its hard for Right wingers and innately racist individuals to fathom the fact that Muslims are PEOPLE too; that Islamic Nations want the SAME THINGS the West and the United States want: Peace & Security. I KNOW that in pockets of America, some Neanderthals and ‘knuckle draggers’ enjoy pounding their chests and talking vicious bravado because they think (?) Military Action and “Shock & Awe” are the only things Muslims understand. Well, after 8 long YEARS of Bush we also KNOW “Shock & Awe” has NOT made us any Safer than 911 ~ nor has chest pounding and WAR MONGERING made our prestige in the world any better but just the opposite.

In President Barack Obama we NOW see what a REAL President does. A President, as seen on the Presidential Seal ~ executes BOTH Peace and War. The President is fully cognizant of America’s Military Might, but a REAL PRESIDENT also KNOWS that through Diplomacy and a real sense of Justice and the respect for International Law … that his greatest task is Peace in the world. Something Bush NEVER understood nor recognized.

Gitmo: gone!

Torture: no more!

Recognition of the pain and suffering to Palestinians: PUBLICLY noted! (a 1st by an American President)

A search for the Understanding of the CONTEXT of Terrorism: begun!

“Yes We Can!”




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