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“Those Poor, Fearful Teachers”

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 29, 2009

Felicity Daily Herald

Obamas stop by Sidwell

Parent-teacher conference?

Parent-teacher conference?

Maybe it was a parent-teacher conference, or perhaps President Obama was making amends for chastising local schools closing …

… over of a little snow, but the first couple paid a visit to their daughter’s school this morning.

The president and the first lady left the White House around 8 a.m., the AP reports, for a ride to the Bethesda, Md., campus of Sidwell Friends School, where 7-year-old Sasha Obama is a student.

Reporters didn’t see Sasha, or her older sister, Malia, 10, who attends the DC campus of Sidwell.




As a former Teacher, I can imagine The President and First Lady ‘dropping by’ my school to talk about their kids!

You?   : )

First of all, how in the  hell can you teach the ‘Obama Kids’ KNOWING that they’ll rush home every day ~ to the White House ~ being grilled by Michelle about what kind of Teacher you are! “Do you like your teacher?” or “What did you LEARN today?” or “Does your teacher make you ‘feel’ wanted or comfortable?”

You KNOW Michelle is grillin’ the kids!   : )

Now let’s suppose, as a teacher, you’ve had a bad week, okay! Your car broke down, or your mother fell down the steps, or your husband (or wife) wants a divorce; now here comes The President and the First Lady wanting to ‘talk’ to YOU about their children! What in the hell can you say: “Oh, Mr. President, Sasha is such a sweet girl …. and the class thinks she;s terrific!” Then you see Michelle give Barack that ‘look’ of  “She’s lying, Barack!”

I mean: god only KNOWS what those kids actually are saying about you, baby!  : )

Whatever those teachers at Sidwell make … it’s not enough. They have no idea when the Obama’s will ‘drop in’, nor what THEY really have in mind, nor their agenda. So I can only believe that from the Principle …. Ass’t Principle … Classroom Teacher(s) …. down to the janitor: every single day those folks will live in utter Fear & Terror that TODAY the President and First Lady will decide to ‘drop by’ school.

I can’t imagine.



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