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Twitter #4

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 29, 2009

6:55 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

Just finished writing an Entry (see next). I messed with a few Republicans at work today saying, “Well. I see where your BOYS are scared of Rush Fatbaugh, huh!”  : )

“What do you mean?” they respond.

After I say, “The House vote yesterday! The vote where ALL the Republicans voted against Obama’s Stimulus Package! They fell in line with Limbaugh!”

And to a man they respond: “I don’t know about that Limbaugh stuff; all I can say is …. there was ‘stuff’ in the Package I disagree with.” then they walk away!   : )

I heard nothing but a deep ‘Death Rattle’ in their voices, baby!   : )

My bath water is ready … I got my book (The Lord of the Rings) in hand …. and then its ‘Good Night’!

Happy Twittering!


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