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“It Ain’t About YOU, Mr. Steele”

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 31, 2009



Black is Back, huh!   : )

For a Black Man to head the Republican Party is more awesome than Obama being President!  : )

Now to be quite honest, I Salute the GOP in selecting a  ‘Black Man’ to Lead their Party; after all, Steele is a very competent individual. However, the motive in the selection of a ‘Black Man’ AT THIS TIME smacks of tokenism and sheer folly.

Republicans have always had this twisted idea that Black Folk ~ who by nature are mostly Conservative (anti-Gay, anti-Abortion, anti-Immigrant etc,) ~ will fall back in LOVE with the GOP so long as the GOP puts a ‘Black Face’ to the Party emblem. Too, the GOP LOVES to place a ‘Black Face’ out in front of themselves to SHIELD against criticism of Racism they KNOW they’ll receive as they intend to TRASH Obama at each-and-every opportunity!

Nice try, GOP; but your Methods and Style have been peeked a long time ago!

So to Steele: Congratulations! You’re coming from a LONG LINE of other Negroes that served as  ‘Shields’ while bigots lobbed their ‘racial bombs’ at YOUR PEOPLE! 

Who was that Black (?) Brother (?)  the GOP put up to Run against Obama for the Senate in Illinois?

What was his name, Mr. Steele?



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