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God’s Messenger too!

Posted by scorpiomkm on February 6, 2009

One of the Great Tragedies of the 2008 Presidential Election … was the smearing of so many Individuals that just happened to be in the way of Right wing dingalings and sanctimonious Media types. Otherwise outstanding Individuals and Institutions ~ like a Church ~ got Labeled as Racists, Kooks, un-Americans and the like simply because the ‘Name Callers’ felt it expedient to manufacture ‘charactures’ of same against candidate Barack Obama.

I’m a HUGE Fan of Father Phleger. Throughout his LIFE he has championed Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, Human Rights etc., yet because he dare spoof  Hillary Clinton at Rev. Wright’s Church ~ god forbid ~ he was mocked and ridiculed.


“Rise, and continue to be on your Way, Father.”


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