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Ethnic Humor

Posted by scorpiomkm on February 7, 2009

I’ve always LOVED going to Comedy Clubs. And the type of comedian I’ve always enjoyed the most are those that have the courage to engage in Ethnic Humor!

Ethnic Humor is easy when talked about within the same Tribe, huh; quite another to deal with it when outside one’s Tribe or in ‘mixed’ company.

‘Ethnic Humor’ I’ve found to be honest, delightful and just plain FUN when Delivered from a ‘good place’ (a pure heart) , and it’s easy to determine what is (or isn’t) coming from a ‘good place’ actually means ~ at least to me. For instance in my Youth, my all time Favorite TV Comedy series was “Amos & Andy”; chock full of stereotypes about shiftless BLACK MEN and dominering BLACK WOMEN … but it was ‘Great Humor’ because: 1) these were often the only BLACK FACES I saw on TV and 2) there was a ‘germ’ of TRUTH inherent in each Character. But most importantly: the Comedy came from a ‘Good Place’ … at least in my eyes. Hell, I hated when the NAACP had “Amos & Andy” pulled from the airwaves!! In fact, many of the TV Comedy Shows with Black Casts of the 80s and 90s were funny, yet more vicious in their ‘stereotype loading’ than “Amos & Andy” ever thought about being i.e. “The Jeffersons” ~ because “The Jeffersons” didn’t come from a ‘good place’ IMHO.

The next two Entries are clips of some outstanding comedians: Chris Rock and Carlos Mancia. They both hit upon sensitive subjects as Sex, Race, and even the use of the  dreaded “N” word: Nigger. But in each case the humor comes from a “‘Good Place” and is enjoyed. Unlike this attempt by Michael Richards (Kramer) at humor …. which didn’t come from a “good place” at all:


Like I stated, ALL HUMOR is ‘good humor’ … so long as it comes from a “Good Place”!


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