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“Amos & Andy”: Bittersweet”

Posted by scorpiomkm on February 15, 2009


I’ve mentioned before how in my Youth the TV Series “Amos & Andy” was the BEST; and it saddened me to see the NAACP push to get it off the airwaves ~ although I can perfectly understand the reason(s) why. For instance, as I watched the Producers Introduce the Main Characters (Amos, Kingfish, etc.) in the Production’s First Airing on TV (the first I’ve seen this) … and how the ‘Money Men’ (white folk) referred to the cast as ‘boys’ or intimated how these ‘boys’ resembled the radio characters ~ played by white men ~ to a tee …. or watched in horror as Amos ‘shuffles’ across the stage: it was painfully clear to me just how tragically loaded with ugliness  “Amos & Andy” was to the Black psychic AS WELL AS TO WHITES who really felt Blacks acted like this!

And as these Remarkable Actors were Introduced, I wonder what they were thinking KNOWING that they HAD TO act the buffoons and clowns just to pursue their craft. And then it struck home to me WHY the NAACP and older Blacks insisted that “Amos & Andy” be pulled despite its outstanding comedic elements.

But damn: to this day I STILL miss “Amos & Andy”!    : ( 


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