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And these are ‘Fox News’ Republicans !!

Posted by scorpiomkm on February 26, 2009


Let me be fair: Until Bobby made that TERRIBLE response to Obama’s MAGNIFICENT Speech before Congress … I had always had a favorable impression of him! But here again it shows just how CLUELESS and RUDDERLESS the grand OLD party is. Also it clearly shows just how entrenched the grand OLD party is held hostage to the FAR RIGHT and dingalings like Rush Fatbaugh  …. Heil Hannity …. and Michael Scavenger.

They, the zealot RIGHT, PUNKED Sarah Palin; they PUNKED Obama’s Commerce Nominee, Gregg; and now they have PUNKED Bobby.

I’ll tell ya what, GOP: you kats keep bowing down to the extreme RIGHT WING and ‘Right to Life’ religious zombies in your Party, okay ~ because under the Leadership of Rush Fatbaugh and his Clones …. Barack can plan on living in the White House for a very LONG TIME!


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