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I Call It ‘TREASON’!

Posted by scorpiomkm on February 26, 2009

I have thoroughly enjoyed living in America under President Barack Obama! A feeling of Fairness and Equality has swept the Land ~ not to mention the sense that Human Beings COUNT in this country unlike the Past where Corporations and BIG MONEY were cared for only. But I think what I’ve enjoyed MOST is … the debunking and destruction of Right Wing myths that are by nature Racists, Selfish, War Mongering, and just plain Wrong.

If you’ve been listening to the biggest ‘Porker’ of all, Rush Limbaugh, it’s quite apparent that Right wingers are not only clueless about solving the current Economic Crisis, but also Right wingers are LIARS to the enth degree. They paint a false picture of impending Gloom and Doom based simply on their lies, fantasy, and wishful thinking that Obama’s Stimulus Package will FAIL!

Which brings me to another Subject that I think needs examining:




Can you imagine what Republicans would say and do to Democrats should Dems say “NO” to a Republican President’s request for Legislation to help pull the country out of an Economic Crisis! They’d call such Dems “Traitors”!

Imagine following right after 911 or the INVASION of Iraq Democrats speaking  ill of President Bush or  Bush’s request for funds to go to War: why, Republicans would call said Dems TRAITORS worthy of being hung! Yet these same kats(Republicants) routinely speak all manner of ill against Barack Obama; sabotage at every turn Obama’s efforts to include Republicans in the Process; and talk nothing but Negativity and Lies to the point their mantras have turned into nothing but fruitless whining and LOSER Lament. I call it simply ‘Traitorous rhetoric worthy of contempt and outright shame’.

But that’s Ok, because I view Right wing Republican whining and sulking as their ‘Final Death Rattle’ that will doom them for Generations to come.

Listen to Republicans, folks! I mean R-E-A-L-L-Y listen to them! They have no Plans to get America out of the current economic ‘black hole’ except their mantra: Cut Taxes! And it is precisely that ‘fix’ that has in part got us to where we are now!

They, Republicants, brag about UNRESTRAINED MARKETS and bitch about how Obama wants to restrain the Free (?) Markets and suppress Individual Initiative, while conveniently forgetting that it was these UNREGULATED MARKETS and Predatory Greedy Bankers that wherein lies the heart of our Economic Troubles today!

Republicans take no blame or accountability for their Past Failings, yet want to bitch and whine when Obama works to solve THEIR MESS!

Hey. I KNOW that a lot of Republican angst against President Obama lies in their deep seated Racism (their sickness) ~ but this does not absolve Moderate and Decent Republicans from disassociating themselves from these HATE MONGERS within their midst, does it! See, this is why I paint ‘All Republicans’ with the same Neanderthal Brush because they lack the Integrity, Courage, and Decensy to call their Republican Brethren out for shame. “What shame, Scorpio?” :


And it is TREASON, folks,  when Citizens thwart and impede their country during times of Emergency and/or Crisis!

The Republican Party is NOT the ‘Loyal Opposition’ which I Respect and know is necessary:  but simply TRAITORS!

Simple as that.


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