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“The Fat Boy Is Singing”

Posted by scorpiomkm on March 4, 2009



It’s better for people to think you a Fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

You people have heard that bromide, haven’t you! : )

Barack and I think alike a lot . If you folks have been reading my Blog on a somewhat regular basis, you can recall that I singled out Limbaugh as the “Mouth of Sauron” way back around this time last year. And in essence I predicted that when Limbaugh FALLS … the entire GOP (Grand Old Pricks) would FALL with him! See, Barack and myself have ‘Street Smarts’, okay; which means you identify the Key Antagonist …. associate him (or her) with a Group or their Ideas …. Label him (or her) as the Group’s Leader …. Paint said Leader as a cartoon …. then stand back and watch the carnage.


 : )


That’s “Street Smarts”, Folks! : )

So what have you people seen from the Obama Administration these past days, hum: 1) Obama tells Republicans that Limbaugh’s mentality won’t work here (or something to that effect); 2) Press Secretary Gibbs PUBLICLY says that it appears to him that Rush Limbaugh has some CONTROL over the Republican Party; 3) days later ~ in fact just last Sunday ~ Rom Emanuel tells ‘Meet The Press’ that Limbaugh is the heart, soul, and LEADER of the Republican Party; and 4) just TODAY, David Plouff ~ the GENIUS behind Barack Obama’s Campaign that beat the ‘Clinton Machine’ ~ says (or Proclaims <g>) that Limbaugh is the “Minority Leader” in Congress!   : )

And quite naturally, that tub of lard, Limbaugh, took the BAIT hook-line-and sinker.

Folks, let me clue you  in on something, okay . Barack Obama cut his Political Teeth on the ‘bare knuckles’ politics of Chicago, okay! : )

Beyond the boyish smile … Beyond the mannerly style and calm …. Beyond the singing of Bi-Partisanship …. Beyond all that TRUST ME on this:  is a steel-spined, merciless assassin, okay! : )

You Folks ~ including myself ~ never even heard the Name “Barack Obama” until he stepped to the podium of the Democratic National Convention FOUR SHORT YEARS AGO! Now they play “Hail To The Chief” whenever he steps into a room! : )

Bush had to SNEAK into town whenever he visited Paris or Berlin: Obama is greeted by MILLIONS!

Hell! I’m still looking in the mailbox for my Stimulus Check ; Wall Street ‘tanks’ daily; I got people pounding on even my door asking for Work , yet Obama’s “Approval Rating” is in the High 60s! : )

Oh! And BTW ~ along the way Obama has painted Rush Limbaugh as the Leader of the Republican Party! : )

As Obama said during the Campaign: “I can walk and chew gum at the same time!” : )

I’m enjoying the hell out of this, Folks! I ‘get off’ watching an Artist at work! Obama, who is Gifted with a keen Intellect, KNOWS he has his fingers on the pulse of History. He KNOWS that the Economy will revive itself; he KNOWS that the World is craving Peace; and he KNOWS that the Neanderthal Ideology of the GOP is outdated, ‘Old School’, divisive, and DEAD!

Stay tuned America. We’re in for a Great Show! Especially when we hear the “Fat Boy Sing”! : )


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