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“Change You Can Believe In”

Posted by scorpiomkm on March 5, 2009

I can’t recall during my lifetime … a more active President during his First 100 Days than Barack Obama! Including JFK.

It has truly been breathtaking to Observe Obama literally CHANGE the course for America to meet the challenges of the Twenty-first Century. Whether instituting how the Financial Industry does business, or how the Housing Market will operate in the future, or how Health Care should be executed …. Obama has literally taken the reigns of government to fortify and overhaul the ‘Good Ship of State’ to meet these challenges.

The other day I was thinking as to ‘why’ Obama’s Leadership seems so mercurial and dynamic and full of audacity. And I guess one of the Major Reasons for this perspective rests with the fact that for nearly a decade “WE THE PEOPLE” have been sound asleep. Told by previous Administrations “not to worry about it”. That the Economy: “Don’t worry about it!”; Health Care: “Don’t worry about it!”; World Opinion and Diplomacy: “Don’t worry about it!”; Extra Legal means to protect and defend the Home Land: “Don’t worry about it!”

“Just go out and shop, shop, shop! The foundations of America remain strong.” we were told by people that SHOULD HAVE known.

And so for well over a decade, “WE” slept away YEARS of neglect and non-accountability that now President Obama is addressing head on.

Obama’s Campaign Theme was “Change You Can Believe In”, and I can recall all the naysayers saying, “Where is all this CHANGE Obama is promising?” Well, now those same naysayers are saying, “He’s moving too fast!” or “These changes are too radical … too Socialistic … too Leftist!” In other words, the people that bitch about Obama doing too much or too little are the same that prospered and flourished under the status quo of Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43. 

Yep! The same Folk that stood the most to Gain and Profit under past Republican Leadership with their ‘Tax Cuts for the Wealthy’ … their ‘No Bid Contracts’ ….. their de to zero Regulation of financial institutions etc. ; all the while  to the detriment of the Middle & Lower Classes of Americans who were taking it in the shorts.

There’s not an aspect of American Life that will remain ‘as is’ or untouched under the “Age of Obama”. And if you are one that are somehow feeling threatened or fearful of the CHANGE sweeping America, keep in mind that the WORLD has changed. Already America no longer is the Leader in Health Care, Scientific Research, Technology, or College Graduates. America, too, has fallen behind our potential Friends and Foes alike in Green Energy Development, Broad Band Technology, and on-and on-and on.

See. For well over a decade “WE” felt secure and content by simply singing “God Bless America!”, bragging how America was no ‘Third World Country’, and recklessly running up our credit cards, not saving, buying homes we couldn’t really afford, driving cars we really didn’t need, and shopping at Nehman Marcus rather than Ross. In short, “WE” ignored the Problems facing  us back then and instead preferred to follow the Lead (?) of our political representatives who simply gave “US” a shot of  Novocain and said:

                                      “Don’t worry about it! This is America!!”

In the Past we were taught to suffer ….. Peacefully. “Don’t stop suffering: just suffer peacefully.”

In my Lifetime, only 2 Presidents have had the audacity to wake America from a dangerous slumber: JFK and Barack Hussein Obama. And I “Thank God” I was around to Witness both of these Gifted and Courageous Men.  


3 Responses to ““Change You Can Believe In””

  1. dennyadams said

    Your are obviously enamoured with the image of President Obama, but what has he accomplished?

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  3. Denny Adams said

    Wow! Thank you for setting me straight. Who would have thought that merely signing bills could be equated with accomplishment?

    Thanks, Scorpio, for showing yourself in your ad homenum attack response.

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