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“Desire v. Want”

Posted by scorpiomkm on March 8, 2009

Gallup Polls conducted in 2008 reveal that in countries where average annual incomes are $2,000 or less, religiosity makes a difference in residents’ emotional health and their likelihood to report positive experiences and interactions.
These effects are smaller or absent among residents in rich-world countries.
On the one hand when I saw the above  from ‘Gallup’ I thought “Duhhhh.” After all, when a People collectively have no jobs or money … live in squaller …. and can’t send their children to school: what else do they have but religion?
But I caught myself and thought: “That explanation is too simplistic.”
Let’s think about this for a moment, shall we.
As Human Beings we learn fairly quickly that LIFE is short. Whether from sudden death via an accident or sudden illness, or just living awhile and realizing just how quickly LIFE zooms by; we realize that  ultimately in  the End we will die … so why not grab for all the comfort, satisfaction  and immediate gratification we can get while we’re alive and breathing!
 And what’s  so unusual is it to understand that if one is born into a Society where Wealth and Material are the norm rather than the exception, is it so unusual to think that this often equates to seeking Material Items as our god(s)  rather than to struggle to attain the truly Spiritual aspects of LIFE (if even such is ever attainable)?
Makes sense, doesn’t it?
Look. The way I look at this phenomena is …. to quote Jesus Christ: “The poor you will have with you ALWAYS.”
Could it be possible then that the reason ‘we will always have the poor with us ‘ lies in the fact that had Mankind been  Blessed with wealth en total, could it be possible then that Mankind would merely  relegate  Spirituality to a mere Fantasy and/ or a Game? Even a hoax!
Let’s think: is it possible that Poverty and the Poor are  part of God’s Design for ‘His Word’ and even His Devinity to survive among materialistic Humans? After all, much of the Wealth of the Catholic Church is generated from countries plagued with Poverty, is it not!
Which brings me to the over-arching question: What impact does wealth ~ or the lack thereof ~ have on the relevancy of Religion in Human Societies?
Which came first: the chicken or the egg.  : )
Consider this: why do MOST Religions preach “Fasting” from time-to -time? Is it (Fasting) not true that this exercise is an act of Discipline to train the Mind that a person IS NOT REALLY the  Body … but  the Soul?
Why is it whenever you read about a person that has endured horrid deprivation or sacrifice … why is it that often this same person often speaks of what: having  “Grown CLOSER to God.”
Is it possible then … that the more Material and Wealth items available to Humans … that often then the less we look to God as a TRUE SOURCE of our Peace and/or Satisfaction no matter how temporary?
Interesting thing(s) to ponder, huh.
I’m a “Spiritualist” and not a Member of any Organized Religion; but I have read and studied most Organized Religions and their Principles; and there is no doubt in my mind ~ NONE ~ that thet more an Individual divorces himself from Material Objects results in the greater Focus on God. (or how God is perceived by an Individual)
Am I saying one need be impoverished to truly ‘Find God’: no. What I am saying, however, is that the greater one is ‘willing’ to DIE to the Body …. the greater will be the ‘willingness’ to LIVE at Peace with God. (or however God is perceived)
One Principle inherent in Christianity that I have always found exception to is this: “Jesus Christ, by dying on the Cross, has paid for our sins! We’ve already been Forgiven and Pardoned by Christ’s Death!”
In-other-words: “No matter how we behave, or no matter whatever sins we commit: we will still get to Heaven because Jesus died for our Sins Past and Future. All we need do is Believe!!”
As far as I’m concerned, it don’t work that easily, Folks!!
Look, folks. If you read ~ Really Read ~ the Books of the World’s Great Religions, you’ll find at their Heart a prescription to Strive, Work, and Sacrifice  your Human Endeavors toward the Goal of focusing away from the Body …. but instead WORK on the Human Spirit through Sacrifice and some degree of deprivation to allow your Soul to get used to ‘Standing On Its Own Two Feet’.  Even, in fact, were you to be born into a Society of Great Poverty and Deprivation! Why do you think Jesus spent so much of his TIME with the Poor and Deprived, hum?
The Human Spirit and the Human Body are always at odds with each other, Folks. In fact, to TEST for yourself just how strongly these two oppose each other try this:
Just take a day ~ ONE DAY ~ and repeat a mantra such as, say and as an example,  “Hail Mary full of Grace” or “The Lord is my Shepherd”  … or ANY Religious theme you LOVE; and then Observe just how mightily YOUR MIND will Fight you just after a few minutes!!
YOUR BRAIN will Fight its Supremacy over YOUR SPIRIT each-and-every step of the way! And it is to this Reality that Religions ~ at least those that Understand this Natural Phenomena ~ require that one ‘Fast’, and thus get a handle on this natural phenomena which stands in the way of ‘Spiritual Enlightenment and Growth’.
I’ll speak on this Topic further in other Entries.
“Desire nothing until you WANT … nothing!”

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