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Are These People Really Americans?

Posted by scorpiomkm on March 12, 2009




My little ‘Drive By’ blogger, denny, got my juices flowing once more about Republicans and their backward looking Ideology.

Republicans, by and large, are advocates for Big Business, non-Regulation of said Business, the reckless exploitation of Natural Resources (America’s or elsewhere), and whatever EXTRA LEGAL means deployed to maintain the status quo. Add to this, the Republican Party has, since I can remember, been the BIG TENT populated by BIG TIME Racists, Bigots, and extremely Narrow Minded people.

What attracts many to their phony Red, White, and Blue Banner … I have never understood; only that the Republican Banner gives a lot of Ignorant, Hateful, un-Educated, and Narrow Minded souls a kind of legitimate Home where these people think (??) their Views are actually sane and popular.

Quite frankly, I would NEVER be associated with an Organization whose Principles are based on Greed, Selfishness, and Hate. Hell, I can somewhat understand somebody like Rush Limbaugh spouting all this Neanderthal rhetoric; after all he gets paid HANDSOMELY for doing so ~ plus he’s simply an ENTERTAINER.  But for the ‘average joe’ to parrot and actually Believe in Right wing Ideology is quite frankly Ludicrous!

You have poor Sad Sacks out there, poor as dirt, and no more educated than my cat …. IDENTIFY with a group of filthy rich kats (like Limbaugh) who would no sooner aid or champion their ‘Cause’ than Osama bin Ladin! Yet you see every day ‘Joe 6 Pack’ TRASH Labor Unions, or TRASH a Stimulus Package that is designed to help THEM!!

Often poor White Folk, ruthlessly object to Improving Educational Programs if it means including some Black Kids in the process!

We see often how poor White Folk, get their panties in a pinch whenever Mexican IMMIGRANTS dare take jobs that MOST Americans wouldn’t touch! What the hell is it to ‘you people’ whether or not some Mexican Immigrant is willing to work 24/7 doing  ‘Seasonal Labor’ ~ and all the crap and suffering that entails ~ when you’re not!

 I’ll tell what gets these so-called ‘Good Americans’ upset:

They sit by their radio and listen to Preacher Limbaugh and his Bishop Hannity! Limbaugh makes $40,000,000 and Hannity makes a damn good living as well talking their foolishness, yet there’s poor ‘Joe 6 Pack’, getting all riled up by these Pied Pipers of HATE …. as if the fate of America depends on America doing things “Rush’s Way”!

Once one is able to peel back the rhetoric of Right-wing gibberish like  ‘God Bless America and the Republican Party’ or ‘Republicans want smaller government’ or ‘Free Market Economies work best!’ … once these ‘bumper sticker slogans’ are seen for what they are ~ deceitful and phony mantras ~ only then can ‘Joe 6 Pack’ stand on his own two feet and start acting like a Responsible Man and Citizen of these United States!

For you see, folks. The Days and Era of Right-wing Ideology is over, okay!

This is the Twenty-first Century and not the Era of Bush 41 and 43.

 Not the Era of Reagan and his ‘Trickle Down Economics”.

Nor is this the Era of Divisiveness, Wedge Politics, or Fear.

We’re in the “Age of Obama” now, Folks. And what a spectacular Age its going to be!!!


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