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denny’s ?? response

Posted by scorpiomkm on March 12, 2009

Denny Adams said

March 12, 2009 at 10:59 am

Wow! Thank you for setting me straight. Who would have thought that merely signing bills could be equated with accomplishment?

Thanks, Scorpio, for showing yourself in your ad homenum attack response.




Ya see, denny. That right there shows your complete Idiocy regarding ‘what’ a President does and ‘how’ he’s judged by History. But I guess had I been a “Bush-Cheney Lover’ over the past 8  l-o-n-g YEARS … like you I wouldn’t know a damn thing about governess because Bush-Cheney didn’t do a damn thing  except rip the tax payers off!

The items I listed were SIGNED ‘Agenda Items’  from the Obama Administration, denny boy. Because as we’ve all seen these past 8  l-o-n-g YEARS, Congress is content to sit on their collective ass and collect their checks ~ save Republicans who were content to just ‘rubber stamp’ EVERYTHING Bush-Cheney placed before their nose.

You asked in a smart-ass  way ‘what had Obama accomplished’, now didn’t ya. When I listed said requested Accomplishments … you foolishly replied:

“Wow! Thank you for setting me straight. Who would have thought that merely signing bills could be equated with accomplishment?”

Which again tickles the hell out me because: 1) you have CLEARLY shown you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about; 2) that you had absolutely zero interest in Learning something about the Obama Presidency; and 3) that you are just another of the simple drones and zombies that suck at the tit of Limbaugh, Hannity and Savage!

When it comes to zombies, like YOU denny, I have 2 favorite responses:

“I don’t suffer FOOLS lightly.”


“Better to have people think you a FOOL, then to open your mouth (in this case write) and remove all doubt!” 

Why don’t you send some money to Sarah Palin’s daughter, why don’t ya. It appears she’ll need it since her boyfriend left her and child in a lurch! Or maybe all you “Right To Life” freaks can ‘kick in’ to help raise Palin’s daughter and baby, okay! Your efforts will be better served doing that than spilling your fringe Right-wing IGNORANCE on my Blog.

Trust me on that, denny boy!

PS ~ If you can’t give money to Palin’s daughter and baby, why not watch Tiger Woods play golf today! Hell, it will give you yet another Black Man to HATE!!


One Response to “denny’s ?? response”

  1. dennyadams said

    Scorpion, tough to learn anything from just another angry racist.
    God bless.

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