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Reconciliation? Maybe

Posted by scorpiomkm on March 28, 2009


Well. It has been a week now since the senseless and tragic incident took place … that took the lives of 4 Oakland Police Officers. And to be quite honest, it has taken me a week to allow the shootings and its aftermath to sink in.

I’ve lived in Oakland nearly two decades now. Long enough to experience first hand some of  ‘Oakland’s Finest’ (?)  harass, demean, sweat, and generally treat me less than a Human Being. Oh, I was ALWAYS aware of the Oakland cops past episodes with the Black Panther Party’, ‘Uhuru House’ etc. so I’ve ALWAYS been wary with the cops here in Oakland whenever I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw a ‘black & white’ cop car flash his Christmas Tree lights.

“Damn”, I’d mumble to myself. “Here we go again.”

I would say that beginning last Sunday morning … all of a sudden the Public Conversation turned to “Black v. White” and the usual ‘Bash Oakland & Black Men’ rhetoric. And I thought to myself: after 400 YEARS of Slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation, Institutional Racism, and even the Election of a Black President ~ STILL White Folk can’t get beyond  ‘DEFINING’ an entire People by said People’s (Black) Lowest Denominator! No other Race has to endure this foolishness save Black Folk, yet here we go again, White Folk talking ‘smack’ about things they know little of ~ and about a People they know even less.

White Folk aren’t DEFINED by the ‘criminal element’ within their midst. Jews aren’t defined by the ‘white collar criminal element’ within their midst.

Neither are Asians and to a lesser degree Mexicans and other Latinos.

It’s only Black Folk ~ US ~ that get tagged and painted with a broad Racist brush whenever when of  ‘US’ goes astray of the Law or conducts ourselves not like White People!

And to be quite frank: Oakland is the better place that some of these Narrow-Minded, lilly-livered, cowardly so-called ‘Good White Folk’ don’t in fact ‘Live Here’!!

I hate whiners, complainers, and bigoted individuals!!

The tragedy that took place on the ‘Streets of Oakland’ is not unique to Oakland! Show me any community in America where a People have been harassed, brutalized, and murdered by a Police ‘gone wild’ …. and you’ll see the potential for what took place in Oakland on a moments notice. But ya see, folks: when you have a People ~ ANY PEOPLE ~ in many respects treated like animals and sub-human: don’t be too shocked when that man turns and bites back!

Nothing can excuse nor minimize nor justify what took place last Saturday ~ NOTHING ~ but there is some troubling CONTEXT to help in the understanding why something terribly wrong took place on the streets of Oakland.

I’ve heard it all this past week from so-called intelligent, good White People. How Blacks are violent by Nature; how Blacks have a different value sysytem from Whites; how Oakland needs to be ‘Walled Off’ from the rest of the Bay Area; how Black Men lack responsibility; how Blacks want something for nothing; why now how that white cop that shot that black kid IN THE BACK on Bart was justified; and -on-and-on-and on:

I’ve heard it ALL this past week!

And my only response to all this so-called ‘White Logic’  is simply:

A lot ~ a LOT ~ of White Folk will go to their stinking grave …. just as IGNORANT as the day they entered the world!

But the reason for this Entry is purely for selfish reasons. I needed to place on paper (or in this case a computer screen) MY REFLECTIONS on how I FELT as the past week evolved. In fact, writing in these forums is quite therapeutic and allows for a transition of sorts to take place.

When I first learned of the tragedy it was roughly 3:30 AM Sunday morning. I was shocked and in need of more information. The fact that something like this took place at all was not surprising to me ~ after all, I was well aware of the adversarial relationship the OPD and the Black Community had long held. But at the same time I also had a heavy heart for those that lost their LIVES, even the shooter. For you see, folks, I live my life according to John Dunn’s comment:

“The death of ANY man …. diminishes me.”

Monday I noticed not a single cop was seen on the streets. Not a one.

Tuesday, at work I did something I had NEVER done in my LIFE: I was standing in line for some coffee when a San Francisco cop stood behind me. Suddenly all of the foul and humiliating remembrances I had with cops flashed through my mind, but somehow I summoned my Humanity and said to him: “I want to express my condolences to what happened to your Brothers in Oakland.”

He smiled and said, “Thank you”. And I could tell he had a heavy heart. But somehow my heart was lighter because I took the first steps toward Reconciliation with a Fellow Human Being.

Yesterday, Friday, was a huge Funeral for the 4 ‘Fallen Warriors’ at the Oakland Coliseum. I wanted to attend, but being in the company of THOUSANDS of cops from all over the country was a bit too much for me. I did however watch the event on Local TV.

It was stirring, honorable, spectacular, and very emotional. Several times my eyes swelled with tears. After all, these men had families, friends, hobbies, and a LIFE that was tragically ‘cut short’. Too short.

Early this morning an Oakland Police car pulled along side me. I gestured with my hands in a ‘Prayerful’ manner and his buddy rolled down his window. “What?” the cop said to me.

I bowed my head and replied back: “I just want to extend my condolence to you and the other Officer for your loss. Stay strong.”

Both cops smiled and said, “Thanks! We appreciate that!”

Somehow I now see cops as simply Human Beings again.


One Response to “Reconciliation? Maybe”

  1. dennyadams said

    Stay strong, Scorpio. If one loses hope, one loses everything.

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